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Broncos plan to pick up Von Miller’s contract option in 2020

John Elway confirmed that the Denver Broncos plan to pick up the contract option for Von Miller in 2020. He’ll remain a Bronco.

Oakland Raiders v Denver Broncos Photo by Justin Edmonds/Getty Images

Denver Broncos President of Football Operations/GM John Elway wasted no time confirming that the team intends to pick up the 2020 contract option for Von Miller. He responded to the question during the teams end of the year press conference with an immediate ‘yeah’.

That will guarantee $6 million of his $18 million payout in 2020, according to Mike Klis of 9News. He’ll count $25.625 million against the salary cap in 2020 and if the club option is picked up again in 2021 he’ll count $22.225 million against the cap that year.

After getting that business out of the way, Elway was asked about Miller’s comments following the second loss to the Kansas City Chiefs on the season.

While many in the media made his comments seem controversial, Elway made sure everyone knew that those comments were not taken in a negative way by anyone in the organization. As a competitor, Elway understands exactly where Miller’s mindset was after that loss.

“I think that’s part of being a competitor,” Elway said. “Obviously, one of the disappointing things about this year was how we played against the Chiefs. We didn’t’ score a touchdown against the Chiefs. They’re the team and obviously our goal every year is to win the west. They’re the team that we’re going to have to beat. The Raiders, the team we played yesterday, is another team we’re going to have to beat. They’re a good football team. We’ve got our hands full, but I think the frustration came about how we played against the Chiefs because we didn’t play well either game against the Chiefs—here or there. I don’t have any problem with players that get frustrated because if they’re not frustrated then it doesn’t matter. But when they’re frustrated, it does matter to them and that’s the key thing. If it matters to them, then what they say is OK. You know what? He wasn’t wrong in a lot of ways at that point in time, but things have changed since then. That’s why, Von played very well yesterday and he’s going to get better, continue to get better and I think that Von still has a lot of football in him—a lot. I would say that I think that he can still play better than he played this year. I would tell that to him in my office that I think you can play better. He cares about it and that’s the key thing. He cares about it.”

While the response is rather long, it was worth sharing. Von Miller is the Broncos franchise cornerstone player and will be here in Denver another year. The primary goal in the regular season is to finally start competing against the Chiefs.