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Garett Bolles says the offensive line’s goal is consistency

The Broncos’ left tackle joined Broncos Country Tonight to talk about the O-line’s progress this year.


Garett Bolles joined the guys on Broncos Country Tonight to talk about the offensive line’s mentality for the rest of the season, which is just to take it one play and one game at a time, trying to maintain consistency.

“The thing about this league is you just gotta stay consistent, and continue to stay humble and hungry. Everyday someone can humble you quickly. Everyone is good in this league.

As long as you go into each game knowing you’re going to win some, you’re going to lose some, but you just have to win more than you lose. That’s just our mentality, Coach Munchak does a phenomenal job with us, getting us ready, Connor leads the Oline and we just execute the things we need to execute to get the job done.”

Denver’s O-line got the job done when it came to protecting Drew Lock on Sunday as they (along with Lock) gave up no sacks to the Chargers pass rush all game, and Bolles was to stay away from the dreaded yellow flags which have plagued him most of the year.

On that note, Bolles also talked about the importance of checking yourself each week and watching your film from the previous week to see how you can improve.

“It’s the things that you start looking at watching film and starting to correct yourself. You’ve gotta check yourself at the door sometimes, and I’ve done that this year.” Bolles said. “But the times you know where you’re down in the dumps, you’ve gotta realize hey there’s always light at the end of the tunnel and you just keep fighting. You always try to go back to your film and your previous games and try to fix the mistakes so that you don’t have those mistakes going into next week.”

Hopefully Munchak and the rest of the coaches have begun to help Bolles begin to correct the things they’re all seeing on tape each week so he can grow as player.

Check out the full interview above.