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Is Drew Lock ready to carry a franchise?

There are signs that the Denver Broncos’ rookie could be something special.

I am determined to not get too over-hyped about Drew Lock this season and to wait and see what he does over the course of 20 to 30 games. I have no qualms in saying that his throwing motion looks silky smooth, he seemed to be comfortable in the pocket and he has a cannon of an arm. After one game, it’s impossible to say much else and it’s very possible that he will struggle in the next few games. I’m excited to watch and see what happens.

My co-host (The Skipper Dude), however, has a bit of a different opinion and though he doesn’t speak too much about his physical attributes in our podcast (linked above), he gives three examples of what he calls “green flags” in regards to the rookie.

Green flag #1 - His teammates seemed pysched when he was named starter

Though it seemed that the Broncos as a whole didn’t know what to expect from the kid on the field, it appeared clear that they were all-in on rooting for their guy, Lock. Not only because they simply want to win but they seem to like him as a dude and as a QB. Teammates have been quoted as saying that he is saying and doing all the right things and that they are excited to see what he can do.

Yes, players rarely throw their own teammates under the bus but there seems to be a bit of a brotherly affection between Lock and his fellow players.

Of course, winning always helps strengthen that bond and starting off 1-0 is a good way to build that trust that is so desperately needed in an NFL locker room.

Green flag #2 - Lock showed leadership and arrogance in the first TD pass to Sutton

It turned out that the kid was given the opportunity by the coaches to change the playcall a bit in the huddle and he did so with zero qualms. Showing absolute trust in his stud receiver to make a play. Sutton is quickly turning into one of the leaders of this team and it’s a huge boost when the QB shows that he understands his WR is something special.

To have the guts as a rookie to change a call and put your first NFL start on the line with a relatively dangerous pass, is a great sign that this guy gets it.

Green flag #3 - Dalton Risner roomed with Lock in training camp and had great things to say about him and his work ethic

Risner told a few stories about how the Missouri grad would be up until 1 am in the morning learning the playbook. He would practice calls and his cadence in the mirror while recording it to listen to later. First of all, this sounds like he would be a terrible roomie....but secondly, it’s what you want to hear about the potential future at QB.

From everything we hear, this guy is a hard worker, he’s arrogant without being annoying and there’s a massive chip on his shoulder for not being picked in the first round of the draft.

This week against the Texans could be rough and the rest of the year could be a struggle for Drew Lock and the Denver Broncos but the first game gave us just enough to have a true glimmer of hope and the freedom to relish the thought that the future has arrived in the Mile High City and it’s glorious to behold.


What has been the best sign so far?

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    His teammates welcomed him
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    His gutsy pass to Sutton
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    Stories of his work ethic
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