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A trade for Flacco gives Broncos more options

It gives the Broncos flexibility in the draft - especially the first round.

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New Orleans Saints v Baltimore Ravens Photo by Todd Olszewski/Getty Images

The pending trade agreement for Joe Flacco to the Broncos is an intriguing scenario for Denver - a team desperately trying to build for the future while not sacrificing the GM’s oft-cited mantra to “Win now.”

Because with Flacco the starting quarterback for the near future, the Broncos now have a lot more room to breathe with their No. 10 pick in the draft.

Although Elway could certainly pick a quarterback at the 10th spot - and may still do so - the move for Flacco signals a hesitation for this year’s top draft QBs and hints that Elway could go a different direction.

Will that be for a cornerback? A linebacker? An offensive lineman? General “BPA?”

“Yes” is the likely answer.

Of course which BPA or which position of need Elway may go after in the first round is still a guess, but it definitely makes the draft a little more intriguing. So in the event that Drew Lock is already gone at No. 10 - or Elway decides to wait until the second or third round to pick up a young QB to sit behind Flacco - like Duke’s Daniel Jones or West Virginia’s Will Grier - what position will he go in the first round and who are the likely top picks?


Personally, this is the position I’d prefer Elway target for his first-round pick. There are several good options in the first round, and picking at No. 10 should mean at least one is still on the board when it’s Elway’s turn. Greedy Williams of LSU has been a top prospect all year - and with a name like “Greedy,” you can’t help but want him on your team. Deandre Baker from Georgia is another first-round corner and was the player Todd McShay designated to the Broncos in his recent mock draft. Byron Murphy from Washington has also been mentioned in conjunction with the Broncos.

Inside linebacker

With Brandon Marshall likely to become a free agent this offseason, the Broncos definitely need help at linebacker, a perpetual weak spot in the Broncos’ defense. The Broncos may target their new QB’s old teammate, C.J. Mosley, in free agency, but Mosley will likely be a popular target..

This position is also key to Vic Fangio’s defenses, having created top-ranked units in both San Francisco and Chicago, playing with the likes of Patrick Willis and Roquan Smith. If Mosley can’t be had in Denver, the draft offers some great possibilities as well, especially with LSU’s Devin White, a player Walter Football says can be a three-down linebacker with the ability to be a game-changer.

Offensive lineman

There are a few offensive tackles considered first-round talent, and it’s possible (though unlikely) Elway may go that route again and give a long look to players like Alabama’s Jonah Williams or Oklahoma’s Cody Ford.

The bold prediction is that Elway takes a tight end in the first round, but since there’s a fair amount of depth at TE this season, he likely waits until the second or third round to pick up top talent at the tight end position. Also some depth at wide receiver should offer a good talent pool for the Broncos to choose from to give Flacco as many weapons as possible.


Which direction do you think Elway goes in the first round of the NFL Draft?

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    Offensive lineman
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