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Can Joe Flacco ‘Dilfer’ the Denver Broncos to another Super Bowl?

Joe Flacco is going to become a Denver Bronco. What does that mean for the Broncos, the offseason, and the future?

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It wasn’t until the trade news was announced that it became clear that Broncos Country has strong feelings about Joe Flacco. Many will claim their outrage is attributable to a marked decline in his play over the years and others are still upset over his role in how the Broncos 2012 season ended. There are no shortage or reasons to be unenthusiastic that the former Super Bowl Champion and MVP is coming to Denver, but we need to get over that, right? Right? Maybe.

So will Broncos Country come around and support their new quarterback? What does Joe’s arrival mean for Case Keenum? Will the Broncos trade up to get their quarterback of the future in the draft? Laurie, Tim, and Jess, in this week’s Something Something Broncos podcast, take a step back from the emotional baggage that Joe Flacco brings to Denver and examine the impact of how this seismic shift affects the Broncos.

In this extended episode, Something Something Broncos also takes a look back at the hall of fame announcement, make suggestions on how to fix the process, weighs in on the AAF, and more. Really, there’s something for everyone. Just not for Joe Flacco... Okay, that’s mean. Joe, you can listen, too.

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