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Is Kyler Murray the next John Elway?

The question is not about who they are as athletes or players, but leverage for who they play for.

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Before you start shouting click bait into the comments section, give me a chance. Ian St. Clair and I had an interesting discussion about Kyler Murray on the MHR Radio Podcast. This isn’t about a skill set. This is about leverage.

John Elway has always been regarded as the highest rated player coming out of college. In the 1983 NFL Draft he was the obvious No. 1 pick. The problem? He did not want to play for the Baltimore Colts. What could he do? You go where you are drafted.

Or do you? You know the story. The Colts drafted Elway. He threatened to play baseball. The Colts traded Elway to Denver. What you might not know is that Elway’s threat to play baseball was more than just idle bull. George Steinbrenner had penciled Elway in as the New York Yankees starting right fielder in 1984.

How does Murray fit into all this? His baseball background could be perceived as the same leverage. The Oakland A’s gave him $5 million to play for them, which he is paying back. However, could he use that to dictate terms to the NFL?

Probably not. How many athletes have been good enough to have their choice of dream jobs in sports? Murray is likely looking at two or three years in the minor leagues, but will be a starter in the NFL within the first two seasons. The gamble is too great for him, and football is where he will make most of his money.

I like Murray, and wouldn’t mind the Broncos taking him with the 10th pick in the draft. It would be a departure from the usual QBs drafted by Elway. It could even be the best thing for the Broncos moving forward.

With the trade for Joe Flacco, he would have the time to acclimate to the NFL, while Flacco gets a shot at one last playoff run. It could make sense, and time will tell what is going to happen in the upcoming months.

So, is Murray the next Elway? Probably not. He doesn’t have the leverage, and he isn’t the clear cut No. 1 pick in the draft. Although, Elway could see a little of himself in Murray, which could draw him to the Oklahoma QB.

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