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Which AAF team will you casually be rooting for?

The Salt Lake Stallions seems like the most logical fit for us average Denver Broncos fans, but if you are non-local, one of the other teams might do.

The AAF league enters its second week of a ten week schedule of games and it received surprisingly solid fanfare - unlike most farm leagues under the NFL behemoth. If you are getting into it, which team are you looking at rooting for the most?

The logical choice would be the Salt Lake Stallions. They are geographically close to Denver and also have an unusually large number of former-Broncos on their roster. From wide receivers Kenny Bell and Jordan Leslie, tight end Austin Traylor, and linemen Leon Johnson and Jeremiah Poutasi, to kicker Taylor Bertolet.

As a non-local fan, I’ll probably go with the San Diego Fleet since that’s where I lived a good chunk of my life and where most of my family still lives. Besides, it would be hilarious for the Fleet to bring home a title to the city where the Chargers never could.

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