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Joe Flacco has a long road to winning our hearts

Past MHR polls have shown that Flacco was literally the last QB fans wanted. Since it’s now a reality, what can he do to truly become a Bronco?

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Another week, another bombshell report regarding the Denver Broncos. Joe Flacco will be the next Broncos’ QB as Denver traded a fourth-round pick in the 2019 draft to bring in the veteran - Super Bowl MVP Quarterback.

I imagine that like for most fans, it’s been an emotional journey over the last six days. My initial reaction was shock and disgust. I had just tweeted that the one thing I have learned in my three months of podcasting and writing for Mile High Report, is that Broncos fans hate Joe Flacco. Minutes later it was reported that the Broncos had traded for the aforementioned QB.

In previous posts, I’ve attached polls that asked fans who they would most like to see as the 2019 QB in Denver. The options always included Keenum, Flacco, a rookie and often someone else like Teddy Bridgewater or Nick Foles. Though the results were wildly varying, one things was not - Joe Flacco always received the lowest percentage of votes.

When I say lowest, I don’t mean by a few percentage points. I mean he was 20 or 30 percent behind the second-to-last vote-getter every single time. It got to such an extreme that I posted a poll on Twitter asking Broncos Country if it would rather Joe Flacco, Uncle Rico or Tim Tebow as the next Denver QB.

Flacco lost.

Does this mean that he won’t be an upgrade over Case Keenum? No, as has been covered extensively and fantastically by the MHR staff, he absolutely should be an upgrade over Keenum. But it’s like saying a Chicken Pox is a vast deal better than Smallpox. It’s true, but they both are not something that we should really desire to experience.

As my emotions cooled, however, I started to lean toward feeling OK with the idea. The staff of MHR was hugely split on the topic but there seemed to at least be a consensus that it was a step up rather than down. He’s a former Super Bowl MVP, has 10 postseason road victories, big arm, tall pocket passer, etc. My feelings were generally optimistic from Thursday until Sunday.

But as time progressed and the idea had even more time to wiggle it’s way into the depths of my conscious and subconscious mind, I began to again experience the “yuck” feelings. Hadn’t Vic Fangio just said that this team wasn’t going to put Band-Aids™ over big problems? They were going to do it the right way? Isn’t this a team that has maybe one returning player on the O-line and that’s the wildly unreliable Garrett Bolles? The team needs at least one ILB, one CB, one TE, one WR, two edge rushers and one DT to even begin to rebuild. Now Elway goes and gets a “win now” QB, and if they are unable to trade Keenum, will end up paying around $25 million for one position that will be filled by a guy who hasn’t seen success in over five years. Yikes.

I have zero doubt that this isn’t the last up or down of my emotional roller coaster regarding the situation of the team, and if the Broncos can trade Keenum, bring in a top ILB, CB and solid O-line either through draft or free-agency then I will be happy.

If not, we are in for another few years of “meh” football and a team that will likely live around .500 and waste away seasons because Elway is not someone who “rebuilds.”

Check out the podcast (linked above) for much more on the topic and a fantastic segment by the Skipper dude about the importance of heroism in sports.

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