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Broncos Country stuck in a holding pattern after Flacco trade

The Broncos bringing in Joe Flacco puts fans in a wait-and-see scenario moving forward.

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As the Denver Broncos begin to focus on free agency, there are several scenarios that could play out. Ian St. Clair and I tackled potential moves that John Elway could make in the wake of the trade for Joe Flacco. Things moved quickly into the realm of Madden moves. Perhaps taking a step back and allowing some more chips to fall is the best approach.

The mixed emotions of the Flacco trade quickly subsided, and we jumped into moves the Broncos could make to help put them into contention in 2019. However, all the scenarios out there should put most in Broncos Country in a holding pattern. As Ian said on the podcast (Apple Podcasts, Spotify and Stitcher), there is no reason to pass judgement on any moves until the front office has completed the free agency process.

With Emmanuel Sanders coming back, a trade for Antonio Brown is off the table, but several other options are out there that could pay big dividends on either side of the ball. MHR has been outlining players that the Broncos could target in free agency. While the rush to judgment on Elway’s trade for Flacco was human nature, the best approach is likely to see what the team does next.

The Broncos are clearing cap space by moving on from players like Brandon Marshall and possibly Darian Stewart. The Flacco trade makes the Keenum deal a wash. With Vic Fangio bringing in his style of defense, there are several directions Denver might go when the free agency period begins.

What is actually happening in Broncos Country is a little bit of excitement. The last three years of football have been difficult to watch. Perhaps Elway can work with his new coaching staff to bring some excitement back to Denver.

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