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Broncos strength of schedule second worst in 2019

The Denver Broncos won’t have an easy path back to the playoffs with the second toughest strength of schedule heading into the 2019 regular season.

The Denver Broncos will have a tough road back to playoff contention in 2019 as they face the second toughest schedule in the entire league, according to CBS Sports. Their opponents next season had a .537 combined win percentage last season, which is just slightly behind their AFC West rival Oakland Raiders.

Their other AFC West Rivals fared a little better with the Kansas City Chiefs owning the fifth worst and the Los Angeles Chargers somehow ending up with 16th on the list.

As expected, the defending Super Bowl champion New England Patriots are again near the bottom with one of the easiest strength of schedules. In fact, just six of the 12 playoff teams from last season ended up in the top half of strength of schedules and just three were in the top ten.

The Broncos faced the 25th ranked strength of schedule last season and finished just 6-10. For first-time head coach Vic Fangio, he will have his work cut out for him in both a strong AFC West division and a difficult schedule of opponents in his first season in Denver.

2019 NFL Strength of Schedule

Team Opp Record Opp Win %
Team Opp Record Opp Win %
Oakland Raiders 137-117-2 0.539
Denver Broncos 136-117-3 0.537
Jacksonville Jaguars 136-120 0.531
Houston Texans 135-121 0.527
Chicago Bears 131-121-4 0.52
Kansas City Chiefs 132-122-2 0.52
Atlanta Falcons 132-123-1 0.518
Indianapolis Colts 132-123-1 0.518
Tennessee Titans 131-124-1 0.514
Minnesota Vikings 130-124-2 0.512
San Francisco 49ers 129-124-3 0.51
Arizona Cardinals 129-125-2 0.508
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 130-126 0.508
Dallas Cowboys 128-126-2 0.504
Green Bay Packers 128-126-2 0.504
Los Angeles Chargers 127-126-3 0.502
Carolina Panthers 128-127-1 0.502
Miami Dolphins 127-127-2 0.5
Pittsburgh Steelers 126-128-2 0.496
Detroit Lions 125-127-4 0.496
Baltimore Ravens 125-127-4 0.496
New Orleans Saints 125-131 0.488
Cleveland Browns 123-131-2 0.484
Buffalo Bills 122-132-2 0.48
Seattle Seahawks 121-132-3 0.479
Philadelphia Eagles 121-133-2 0.477
Cincinnati Bengals 119-133-4 0.473
New York Giants 120-134-2 0.473
New York Jets 120-134-2 0.473
Los Angeles Rams 120-134-2 0.473
New England Patriots 120-134-2 0.473
Washington Redskins 119-135-2 0.469