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Joe Flacco could be the greatest Bronco to wear #5 without having taken a snap.

It depends on how you feel about kickers... and Joe Flacco.

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Okay, in all fairness, there haven’t been all that many Broncos to wear #5. The other two are kickers, one of which currently plays for the Detroit Lions. How you feel about this probably tells a lot about how you feel about Joe Flacco. Perhaps it’s an indication of the upside he brings to the Broncos... Or is he just a washed up charlatan in Broncos clothing? Time will tell.

How do we feel about the future of Matt Paradis and Emmanuel Sanders in Denver? What was life like for the Broncos when they carried three kickers back in 1992? Just how do you pronounce Paradis’ name? Laurie, Tim, and Jess break all this down and more in this week’s episode of Something Something Broncos.

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