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Broncos have the first pieces for a dynasty

Denver has the veteran, brilliant defensive coach and multiple star assistants that can help make solid talent into a great team.

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Now that - thank goodness - the Super Bowl has been played and the Pats have been crowned champions yet again, we can finally move on completely from the 2018/19 NFL season and look forward to a new and hopefully bright year for the Denver Broncos.

We are in a period where there will be little to no football news until the NFL combine which will begin on the 26th of February and this means we have several weeks to stew over another New England/Boston parade and wonder how on earth the Broncos can get back to being the team that can stop such nonsense. Since Peyton Manning retired, the Patriots have reached the final game each year and I’m sure I speak for everyone when I say that I am ready for that trend to be over.

Though we all hate the evil empire of the North East, we all have to grudgingly admit that the primary reason for our ill feelings is because they are so stinking good and we wish our teams were the same. The good news is, the Broncos have seemingly gone out of their way to try and fashion a coaching staff that resembles the one in New England.

They have the old and wily defensive head coach who is an old-fashioned, no-nonsense truth teller and is known to build schemes around his players. He also is able to adapt both before, after and during a game and that’s something that Belichick is the master of. The Hoodie and Josh McDaniels are perhaps the best ever - in any sport - at scheming to take away their opponent’s best feature. They destroyed one of best offenses in football on Sunday by forcing Jared Goff to make the decisions rather than his wunderkind coach, Sean McVay. The Patriots changed their defense post-snap consistently and played far more zone than they had the entire season before and this completely flummoxed a QB that is talented but not overly smart.

This of course should force the Broncos to realize that if they want to become the next dynasty and are trying to fashion themselves off of the current one, they will need to bring in a QB who is not just an arm talent but also a brain talent. Of course, this is easier said than done and Tom Bradies don’t grow on trees. It should, however, force the Denver front office to draft (or bring in a Free Agent) signal caller that can make post-snap decisions better than guys like Goff. I’m not a big watcher of college film but I have definitely heard that Drew Lock is not all that great with these particular skills and it’s another reason as for why I don’t believe he will be the next QB for the Denver Broncos.

We see nearly every mock draft now predicting that the Missouri QB will be drafted at #10 or earlier by Denver but it just doesn’t seem like the best fit. When the Broncos were linked to the Missouri senior QB, they almost certainly had expected him to be a second or perhaps late first-round pick and now that he has jumped to top-ten or even top-three, they should completely avoid making such a decision.

More likely the will give OC, Rich Scangarello a chance to work with Keenum and draft a QB from the stacked 2020 group of signal callers.

The Broncos have the defensive genius (like Belichick) they have a great offensive line coach (like Dante Scarnecchia) and now they need to bring in a smart QB and fill the roster with intelligent players that can learn multiple schemes and work well with a brilliant defensive coach in order to become the next Belickickian dynasty.

In the Broncos & Bratwurst podcast - linked above - we discuss the Super Bowl, what makes New England so good and Skipper Dude discusses how the Denver sports scene can and should have a great year in 2019.

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