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What will the Broncos do at quarterback?

MHR’s Jeffrey Essary joined 1st & 10 @ 10 on Friday to share his thoughts on what John Elway will do.

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Welcome to the No. 1 question when it comes to the Denver Broncos.

What will they do at quarterback?

Until the NFL Draft in April, we probably won’t get an answer from John Elway. There are all sorts of scenarios for how this could play out, with some more likely (drafting one in the first round) than others (Nick Foles).

On Friday’s 1st & 10 @ 10 on Orange and Blue 760, MHR’s Jeffrey Essary joined the guys to talk about that key question. Jeff is always a great listen, but he was spot on when it comes to the quarterback situation. He shot down the Foles stuff given there’s not much difference between him and Case Keenum. He talked about the chances of adding another veteran on the chance Elway doesn’t get his guy in the draft.

For some added randomness, Jeff even talks about the AAF (Alliance of American Football).