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Emmanuel Sanders reports he is way ahead of schedule rehabbing from torn Achilles

Emmanuel Sanders was asked on Twitter how his recovery was going and he was happy to report he was well ahead of schedule.

When the Denver Broncos lost their star wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders to a torn Achilles in early December, the wheels of a potential comeback in 2018 came right off the team as they sunk to a 6-10 finish.

There was some doubt as to whether the team would pick up a contract option for Sanders, but that too was quickly put to rest as the Broncos did just that.

On Saturday, Sanders was asked on Twitter how his recover was going and he reported that his trainers felt he was way ahead of schedule.

That is good news. With so much change coming, the Broncos will need a guy like Sanders on the field making those third down catches he has become known for over the last few years.