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Are the Broncos a ‘destination team’ right now?

Orange and Blue Radio’s Andrew Mason argues they are not, and Ryan Edwards points out some compelling reasons players may choose the Raiders as a ‘destination’ instead.

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Oakland Raiders v Denver Broncos Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images

So here’s a good “Question of the Day” from Orange and Blue Radio’s 1st & 10 @ 10 crew: Which team is more of a “destination” for free agents - the Broncos or the Raiders?

While Broncos fans obviously see their home franchise as the best in the NFL, Andrew Mason, Ryand Edwards and Steve Atwater noted the truth is that to other NFL players, it really isn’t.

Not until you have a franchise quarterback - as Mase pointed out:

“Right now unfortunately, when you’re 11-21 the last couple of years, 20-28 since the Super Bowl, when you’ve cycled through Trevor Siemian, Paxton Lynch and Case Keenum over the last three years and you bring in Joe Flacco and you’re hoping he can recapture what he did several years ago, you’re not elite at the QB position,” Mason said. “And that’s what can cause you to get some players to A) give you a discount; and B) be the most attractive team.”

While Atwater provided the diplomatic response that the Broncos are “a destination-in-the-making,” Mase noted the most truthful part of the problem:

Unless the Broncos are willing to open up the checkbook, not having an elite QB means this team is not a destination for many free agents.

“A lot of guys are looking at the Broncos right now, and the notion of being there isn’t exciting to them unless the Broncos are paying up,” Mason added. “The Broncos are not a destination until they get an elite quarterback.”

And as if that reality doesn’t sting enough, the fact that the Raiders might be considered a destination team, is worse.

“This is an arms race, and [Broncos] are staring up,” Ryan Edwards said, adding that if the Broncos aren’t staring up at the Raiders, definitely the Chargers and Chiefs. “The Raiders are a four-win team, but they’ve got their coach locked up long-term, just hired a new GM, on their way to Vegas and just made a huge splash trade for Antonio Brown.”

With nearly 1,000 votes on an Orange & Blue poll asking if the Raiders’ acquisition of Antonio Brown made the AFC West basement dwellers better than the Broncos, 82 percent said no.

But the question is how NFL free agents may look at the Broncos compared to the Raiders - and ultimately how the Broncos actually perform compared to the Raiders.


Are the Broncos a destination team right now?

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