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Denver’s moves and misses so far: Broncos free agency nuggets

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Benjamin Allbright joins 1st and 10 at 10 on Orange & Blue 760 to discuss “free agency” so far and drops some insider info on Denver’s moves and misses so far.

Free agency has yet to officially begin, but it’s already in full swing as we’re now on day two of the legal tampering period before the league year begins tomorrow.

Benjamin Allbright joined the 1st & 10 at 10 crew on Orange & Blue 760 earlier today to share some of his thoughts on how the Broncos free agency period has gone so far, and share some info on what they may do next.

The whole interview is worth a listen, but I’ll break down some of the highlights quick-hit style to get you up to speed on the free agency period so far.

Big-ticket signings

Allbright liked both of Denver’s big signings so far of Kareem Jackson and Ju’Wuan James. On Jackson:

“I thought they filled needs that they have. Vic Fangio has made it no secret that he wants corners and defensive backs who are willing to hit, and Kareem Jackson’s one of those guys....he’s a little bit of a liability in man, but he’s a fantastic zone corner and he’s been pretty good as a hybrid safety as well.

On James:

Ja’Wuan James at right tackle I think is a great deal....he is one of the top two right tackles in football. I would say Lane Johnson is better and put James right behind him.....he’s someone the Broncos have been after for awhile. And in the AFC West, the best pass rushers line up on the right tackle so you want your best pass blockers over there.


  • Allbright says he knows some folks will be disappointed that Denver didn’t get Adrian Amos, but the consolation prize is “we’ll probably get to see more of Will Parks and Su’a Cravens, two guys they think very highly of.”
  • Denver’s target price for Adrian Amos was around $8M per year, and he ended up getting around $10M per year. Was a “fair market deal”, just too much for what Denver was wanting to do.
  • Broncos were “very upset they missed on Jonathan Hankins, a guy they thought they had in the bag, and it turns out Hankins re-ups with the Raiders for less money. That was a slap in the face.”
  • Due to this, Denver still in the market for a nose tackle, and could potentially bring Domata Peko back for a one-year deal.
  • “Very concerning” heading towards the draft with this many question marks on the roster.

Potential signings

  • Broncos not done at corner yet, and will likely look for another veteran and potentially a corner in the draft too. Tremaine Brock coming back for a year could be an option.
  • “Possibility” Denver sniffs around at linebacker Darron Lee from the Jets.
  • Denver likely done in the tier-1 signings, but will be shoppers in the bargain bin during the later waves of free agency.

I know there were several MHR staffers who were high on Jonathan Hankins, and I would’ve loved to see him come to Denver, so it’s tough to see a division rival steal him away when Denver thought they had him.

The only other surprising thing to me is that once again, inside linebacker doesn’t seem to be as high a priority inside the organization as it is outside the organization with the media and the fans. Unless they go that route early in the draft, my money is on Denver starting Todd Davis, and Josey Jewell inside, and trying to work around them in sub-packages with guys like Parks, Cravens, and Jackson.

What do you think about some of the nuggets, Allbright dropped, Broncos Country?