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Broncos offensive tackle Ja’Wuan James contract details

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Another nicely structured deal for the Broncos

Tennessee Titans v Miami Dolphins Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images

Late Monday night during the first day of ‘Legal Tampering’ it was reported that the Broncos have agreed to terms with former Miami Dolphins offensive tackle Ja’Wuan James. He signed a 4 year, $51,000,000 contract with the Denver Broncos, including a $12,000,000 signing bonus, $32,000,000 guaranteed, and an average annual salary of $12,750,000.

Let us take a look at the details of James’s deal with the Broncos via Spotrac.


  • Only has a $8 million dollar cap hit in 2019, and a $13 million dollar cap hit in 2020
  • $27M guaranteed at signing (signing bonus + 2019 salary + 2020 salary) via Spotrac
  • $5M of 2021 salary fully guarantees on the 5th league day of 2021 (injury guaranteed now) via Spotrac
  • 2022 is an option year to be exercised by the 1st league day of 2022 via Spotrac

Final Thoughts:

I really like this deal for the Broncos. It’s a pricy deal, but the breakdown of the deal is pretty team friendly it appears. A low cap hit in 2019 allows the Broncos to continue to add to their roster while once again back loading the deal to 2020 when they will have multiple veterans coming off the books.

In the end, this move was very likely signed off by Offensive Line coach and offensive line guru Mike Munchak and former Miami Dolphins Offensive Line assistant and Broncos guard, Chris Kuper. Munchak should get whatever he wants considering his track record and Kuper coached James in Miami so he knows the player well.

I think this deal finally solves the Broncos right tackle issue they long had and James’s best football is still ahead of him.