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Is Joe Flacco more than just a Broncos Bandaid?

Phil Milani got that impression from John Elway when he interviewed him.

When Phil Milani joined Ryan Edwards, Steve Atwater and Andrew Mason on 1st & 10 at 10, the subject of free agency was fresh on everyone’s mind. Interestingly enough, the most interesting thing Milani said had to do with John Elway’s feelings about Joe Flacco. With the signings of Kareem Jackson and Ja’Wuan James, the Broncos filled a couple needs. The Joe Flacco trade also went through, and it brought about an interesting conversation.

Milani had Elway and head coach Vic Fangio on Denver Broncos TV, and something stood out to him about the Flacco trade. Mase asked him about how Elway felt about Flacco.

“He was saying that Flacco was a great fit for the Broncos... he thinks that Flacco is still gonna have a lot of success in the NFL.”

That sounds like more than a bandaid for the Broncos at quarterback. This may not be a popular sentiment in Broncos Country. Elway has been cast as struggling to find the heir to Peyton Manning. Some fans seem to think finding the next great QB is as easy as shaking apples out of trees.

Flacco may end up being the perfect fit. He may end up falling all over himself. What has become increasingly clear is that John Elway is willing to keep swinging.