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Are the Denver Broncos already getting better in free agency?

Baby steps, Broncos County. Baby steps.

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The man who ripped out the heart of every Broncos fan in the ice cold playoff atmosphere of Mile High in 2012 has finally been introduced by the Denver Broncos. No, Rahim Moore did not sign a one day contract to retire a Bronco. The trade that made Joe Flacco the Broncos starting quarterback, is complete.

Coming with Flacco, Ja’Waun James and Kareem Jackson are also going to call Denver home in 2019. In this week’s Something Something Broncos, Jess, Tim, and Laurie evaluate what each new player is going to bring to the Broncos. Let’s just say that some of us are more excited than others.

Do you remember this?

How about this?

What was the greatest classic football game to feature the Denver Broncos?

All this an more in this week’s installment of Something Something Broncos!

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