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Broncos salary cap update

The Denver Broncos have made several big free agent moves, which has effectively used up their available salary cap for 2019.

NFL: Los Angeles Rams at Chicago Bears Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

The Denver Broncos entered free agency with plenty of cap space to make some splashes in free agency. Now, as the dust settles, they did exactly that. They were hovering near top ten in the NFL in cap space heading into last week and now sit near the bottom ten with $15.1 million in cap space.

Spotrac has not yet received the official numbers for the last three free agents the Broncos signed, but it would appear those numbers will bring the Broncos down to this $15.1 million number from this internal report.

Probably the most effective aspect of this free agency was how the team was able to structure all of these new deals to avoid massive impacts to the cap in 2019. Both Ja’Wuan James and Kareem Jackson will not come close to cracking the top five in cap hit on the team this year, but will next year when the Broncos are expected to have more cap to work with.

While the Broncos may not be completely done signing players in free agency, we should expect nothing huge to go down. The focus should now shift towards the 2019 NFL Draft.