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Broncos ‘better on paper’ - the real test will be on the field

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Talking with Orange & Blue Radio ahead of the annual league meeting, John Elway and Vic Fangio believe the Broncos are on the right trajectory.

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Andrew Mason and Brandon Krisztal of Orange & Blue Radio had a quick chat with John Elway and Vic Fangio today ahead of the NFL league meeting, and both the GM and his new head coach said things that should remind you why you can get excited about another season despite three bad ones in the recent past.

Elway acknowledged straight up he knows why Broncos Country is frustrated and therefore was impatient at the beginning of free agency.

“The No. 1 thing we have to do is win football games, right?” Elway said. “Obviously we haven’t been doing that the past couple of years so obviously everybody is getting a little bit frustrated in Broncoland, and I get that because we’re used to winning.”

But Elway feels really good about the steps taken this offseason to fix that - beginning with hiring Vic Fangio and bringing in the staff former defensive coordinator wanted.

The next step was getting better at quarterback - and Elway is confident that bringing in Joe Flacco is an upgrade - while also adding talent to the team.

“We decided to go with Joe and trade Case, and I feel really good about where [Flacco] fits in the new system we’re implementing,” Elway said, adding that getting defensive help, especially in the secondary was a must.

“We feel really good about Bryce [Callahan] as well as Kareem [Jackson],” he added. “They will really give Vic a lot of flexibility. And with Ja’wuan [James] we solidified that right tackle position. So we feel really good about where we are.”

When Mase asked about turning around the culture, Elway - the consummate winner - pointed out that winning games is the first way to do that.

“We added talented football players but also good people - guys who care about football and want to win,” Elway said. “And the bottom line is to have guys in the culture that if things are not going as well as you’d like them to go, they’re able to pull you out of the nose dive if you lose one or two in a row.”

And Elway knows better than anyone that that ability revolves primarily around the quarterback - and that’s ultimately why Flacco will be good for this team.

“I think with Joe Flacco pulling the trigger, [the team] will have confidence in him because of his history in this league and the success that he’s had. He’s won a world championship,” Elway said. “[A winning culture] revolves around that position, and I think Joe will be that solidifying factor for us where we can start moving ahead.”

Fangio talked with Mason and Krisztal and said that he definitely believes the Broncos “got better on paper” with their new free agent pickups, but the real test is when the team puts it on the field.

And the coach believes strongly in helping players be their best selves by being honest and direct.

“Make it simple. Show them examples,” he said. “If you can improve the player as a player, then everything else falls into place.”


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