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Should the Broncos pick a QB in 2019?

1st & 10 on Orange and Blue 760 took that question to court.

The 2019 NFL Draft has everyone making the case for different players the Denver Broncos should select. On 1st & 10 on Orange and Blue 760, Ryan Edwards and Andrew Mason examined the Broncos QB situation, and each made the case for whether or not the Broncos should pick a QB at all in this draft. The Honorable Steve Atwater presided over the case.

Mase made some interesting points. Looking at the current quarterback room, Joe Flacco is your starter. After that Kevin Hogan and Garrett Grayson are the potential backups. If you aren’t sure you could pick either one of those guys out in a lineup, you are not alone. As Mase said, Hogan could be a solid career backup. That’s not enough going into the 2019 season.

Waiting until 2020 is no guarantee for Denver. The Broncos look to improve on their 6-10 season in 2018. If they can find a way to improve to 9-7 or 10-6, they won’t be in a position to pick a top flight QB in 2020. If that’s the case, starting the development process now could speed the readiness of whoever the Broncos are able to draft.

You know their names, but Mase brought up an interesting point about one of the QBs in the draft. He sees Dwayne Haskins as, “uniquely qualified,” to work in the Rick Scangarello offense. That might require a trade up, but it could be worth it.

On the flip side, Ryan’s case against taking a QB in the 2019 draft is that Hogan and Grayson have the talent that could be developed by the Broncos. Hogan was a solid player at Stanford. Grayson was the Mountain West player of the year in 2014. There is no doubt both players are talented. Perhaps the tutelage of Scangarello, and learning behind Flacco is all these two need?

I’m not convinced of either argument. If the Broncos take a QB in this draft it should be because they are in love with him. Dwayne Haskins does fit that bill, maybe Drew Lock is who they pine for, but beyond that, there is no need to take on a project in 2019.

I also don’t think the current roster of QBs is the reason for that. Hogan and Grayson are not prospects that will be bringing the Broncos to the promised land anytime soon. Denver should be focused on filling other needs in this draft. To me, their biggest need is draft capital for the future, and a focus on QBs in the next two drafts. It’s that old cliché, best player available. No projects.