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Are Ed Oliver or Quinnen Williams options for the Broncos at No. 10?

Trevor Sikkema from The Draft Network answered that question on the MHR Radio Podcast.

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Good morning, Broncos Country!

This is the time of year to dream.

Of course I speak of the NFL Draft and the players who could fall to No. 10 for the Denver Broncos to select. For me, there are three “dream” players I’m pining for (in alphabetical order) — Ed Oliver, Devin White and Quinnen Williams.

I know, I know, the chances of any of those three players being there at No. 10 is less likely than me learning how to fly like Superman. In the meantime, I can dream.

On the latest MHR Radio Podcast (iTunes, Spotify and Stitcher), Adam Malnati and I were joined by The Draft Network’s and Pewter Report’s Tampa Bay Buccaneers writer Trevor Sikkema. We also chatted with MHR’s Just_JoRo about the possibilities for the Broncos in the Draft.

I asked Trevor what Denver should and will do with that No. 10 pick.

“That’s a great question, isn’t it?” Trevor said. “I honestly think that they should probably wait to get a quarterback. If they want to pick one on Day Two they can, but Jon Ledyard, my cohost, is often the first one to say, ‘Hey, if you’re not taking a quarterback in the first round, why are you taking one at all?’ Just because you need to be all-in on one if you get one.

“I actually like the idea of them picking a defensive line player. Christian Wilkins is a guy that I really like. If Jeffery Simmons was healthy he’d be good for them because they have interior defensive line needs. They’ll need a linebacker at this point to play next to Todd Davis and Josey Jewell. So guys like Devin White and Devin Bush could be on the board there at 10. Even though quarterback is still a big need, they’d be better served to get one of those guys and potentially waiting for next year to see how it all plays out.

“When I look at the Broncos and when I think of that question of what they should do at 10, I’m not so sure they have it set up right now for the window that they want to have to win for them to pick a quarterback at No. 10. I think they might be better served picking a guy like Ed Oliver if he’s there at 10. If Christian Wilkins is there at 10. Either of the Devins if they’re there for linebacker if that’s what you want to do. I think they would probably be better served going that direction.”

I followed up by asking Trevor to rate the odds that Oliver and Williams are there for the Broncos to pick.

“If Quinnen Williams falls to 10, we’re doing something wrong,” Trevor said. “We’re doing something wrong here. Somebody needs to pick up the phone and hire me. I’ve got to think Quinnen, there’s no chance that he makes it. I have to believe that in my heart of hearts that there’s no way that he makes it. Oliver, I will say the chance is probably less than 50 percent. But because of the way that I’ve heard people talk about him ... there is more doubt surrounding Ed Oliver that makes me think there is a chance that he could be there at No. 10, though I do still think it’s below 50 percent. I wouldn’t even want to say Quinnen would be available and get Broncos fans’ hopes up because that also means that the Buccaneers would’ve passed on him, which would probably make me throw my computer out the window.”

So Williams is out, but Oliver is still a chance. In the words of Lloyd Christmas from “Dumb and Dumber,” “So you’re telling me there’s a chance.”

The dream of Oliver in Denver is still alive.

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