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What player would you like to see the Denver Broncos trade for?

If the Denver Broncos could make a trade for one big-named player this offseason, who would you like to see them go after?

NFL: Denver Broncos at Arizona Cardinals Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

In our first two offseason round table discussions, the Mile High Report staff chatted about the Denver Broncosbiggest needs and who they should target in free agency. Finding solutions at inside linebacker, defensive back and offensive tackle were the primary positions to address. With respect to those needs, C.J. Mosley, Adrian Amos and Ja’Wuan James were the three players most-often mentioned by the staff.

For the third and final installment, I opted to head in a different direction. While highly unlikely, I wanted us to all engage in some wishful thinking. Which is why I asked the staff — “If the Broncos could make a trade for one key player this offseason, who would you like to see them make a run at?”

Scotty Payne:

If the Broncos aren’t able to make a splash with their free agent signings, making a trade to find a high-caliber starting corner or inside linebacker would be ideal. One player that comes to mind is Arizona Cardinals’ star cornerback Patrick Peterson. He seems to be the new Joe Thomas around here.

Pete Baron:

It’s a wild idea, but I would trade for C.J. Mosley if he’s signed by Baltimore or like Scotty mentioned, make a run at Peterson. We desperately need to fill holes on defense, and these are by far the biggest positions of need. So fill them with premier players and give up some draft capital that Elway is likely to squander anyways (unless he hits another grand slam like last year, but so far, that’s the exception and not the rule with Elway drafts).

Ian St. Clair:

Peterson is about the only big name I would consider, especially with a less than stellar class of free agent cornerbacks. Also keep an eye on Antonio Brown. I don’t think Elway will make the move (and the franchise is rumored to not be in the mix despite earlier reports), but stranger things have happened.

That’s just one player (Peterson) receiving three votes, with honorable mention going to Brown and Mosley — though a sign an trade for the Baltimore Ravens’ star inside linebacker seems tenuous at best.

Let’s roll back to the plausibility of a trade for Peterson. While he requested a trade before last year’s deadline, his desire never came to fruition. Since then, the four-time All-Pro and eight-time Pro-Bowler has openly remarked he regrets asking for a trade. Furthermore seems to be content with the direction of the Cardinals’ franchise and is ‘fired up’ for the future under new head coach Kliff Kingsbury.

So while a few of us may have big dreams of Peterson wearing orange and blue in 2019, it’s safe to say that likely isn’t going to happen. On the other hand, a handful of staff members weren’t interested in seeing the Broncos make any trade for a player this offseason.

Adam Malnati:

I don’t think Elway is sending anything of value away at this point for any other players. He is going to build through the draft and free agency. Trade away players? Yes. Give away draft capital? Nope.

Taylor Kothe:

I honestly can’t think of a guy I want the Broncos to send picks away in exchange for right now. Like Adam said, Elway is going to prioritize building the team through the draft — and they need picks to do that. I’m confident they can fill other needs in free agency.

Joe Rowles:

There aren’t any players I want to see Denver part with significant draft capital for. They should be moving back in the first round to get ammo to grab a 2020 or 2021 QB, if anything.

I’m share similar sentiments to Malnati, Kothe and Rowles with respect to the question. While getting an impact player via trade would be enticing, I’m not very keen on the Broncos giving up prime draft capital to do so. I’d like to see them continue to build through the draft and feel that they have enough cap space to land several high-quality free agents to address the franchise’s biggest needs.

So Broncos Country, are there any players you would like to see the Broncos trade for this offseason? Sound off in the comments section and let us know!