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The Broncos must not be fools this April

No big risks, no questionable characters, we just want a good old fashioned solid draft.

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Though numerous Mock drafts have the Broncos selecting Drew Lock or even Daniel Jones at #10 (Jones would be an insanely ridiculously stupidly bad pick) there is no way John Elway is not convinced that Flacco is “plan A” and that at least for now, “there is no plan B”. He has learned his lesson and will select BPA....kinda. Drafting is a tough process and trying to predict a draft is even more so but there are some things that from experience we now know are a no-no for the big weekend in April.

In honor of the day (April Fools Day), we will take a look at what we believe would be the most foolish decisions that could be made this April by the Denver football team.

#1 Potential April Foolishness 2019 - picking for unusual draft circumstances

Elway and staff are sitting around a table watching NFL T.V intently, waiting for their turn at the #10 position. Unbelievably, the most explosive talent and hyped player in this draft, Kyler Murray, wasn’t picked by the Cardinals at #1 or by any other team in the top-ten. The room goes nuts. “Can you believe he fell?? We were sure he was going #1. Lock was picked instead and so were Oliver and White. Our favorites are off the board and Murray is there for the taking. We have to pick him, right? Our guys are gone anyway.”

“Now we have Murray who doesn’t fit our scheme, can’t play under center, only just decided he even wanted to play football and has serious character concerns. But, at least he’s ‘physically gifted’.”

#2 Potential April Foolishness 2019 - pick a guy because of a monster combine

Guys like D.K Metcalf and Montez Sweat are darlings of the stop-watch. They look like beasts, run like gazelles and would be perfect for a Nike underwear commercial. It seems, however, that teams look at the combine as being a small benefit only in adding pure numbers to real game film and interviews which they study of each player. Some in the Denver Media (we won’t name names) want Metcalf simply because he looks like a video game cheat. If you look at his actual history in college though, you will see a guy who has generally underperformed and was often times not even the top receiver on his own team.

No thanks.

#3 Potential April Foolishness 2019 - Pick someone only for a position of need

Drew Lock/Daniel Jones anybody? T.J Hockenson at Tight End and even Devin White at Inside Linebacker could also be guys who fit this mold. Both guys are talented and would actually likely be a boost for the Broncos but if there is someone like Oliver still available and you don’t pick him simply because he doesn’t fit as big of a need, that would be a big mistake.

In other words, if you look at #1 and #3, it becomes clear that the best solution is to draft the best player available for a position of need. So, don’t go and get Murray just because he fell in the draft but also don’t let a BPA slip past just because there’s someone who fits a larger need.

No problem.

Also, don’t draft anyone with character issues (Jeffery Simmons) and try to find people who are truly passionate about the game of football.

If Elway falls into any of these foolish traps I just might join the growing group of people who believe that, without Peyton Manning, #7 has been a disaster as General Manager.

Elway, don’t fail me now!

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P.S - Tell us about your best April Fools pranks in the comments!


What would be most foolish?

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