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MHR Live: It’s Twitchy

It’s twitchy to rock a rhyme, to rock a rhyme that’s right on time.

MHR Live is returning and this time it will broadcast on We will have a lot more potential to do different things there and even bring on guests live. It’s a game changer for Mile High Report, so please join and give us a follow. We will definitely answer questions live in Twitch live chat.

The Denver Broncos are like an army, better yet an air force strictly enforcing the #NoFlyZone once again! Thanks to some clever work by John Elway and Co. for safety Kareem Jackson and cornerback Bryce Callahan the Broncos remain in a unique position to defend an air raid.

It is time to discuss needs and we are not talking about perceived needs, we’re not talking about best guesses. We’re talking about that at least on paper Kareem Jackson is paid like a safety, not a cornerback, so even with freshly signed Bryce Callahan and an injury rehabilitated Chris Harris the Broncos still do not have a solution for the cornerback position opposite Harris...

Or, maybe Jackson will stay at cornerback, despite his paycheck and his former team (the Houston Texans) stating last season that he was going to play safety the entire season (he did not play safety). However, if Jackson is not the starting strong safety for the Broncos, then they absolutely need a strong safety.

So, let’s talk about that.

Let’s also talk about the new defense under Vic Fangio, what are we going to see, what is going to change in scheme and what is going to change in personnel.

And, finally... We will get into our preliminary first round discussion, because even if it is April Fool’s Day there are only 24 days until the first round of the 2019 NFL Draft.

Drew Lock appears to be out as 10th overall... As tea leaves suggest another specific position, one of need and not what you think.