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Jeff Holland prefers hard-nosed, old school style coaches

In a recent interview, Jeff Holland noted how much he liked Michigan State head coachTom Izzo’s style of coaching.

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Denver Broncos second-year edge rusher Jeff Holland was interviewed on First and 10 at 10 on Orange and Blue 760 on Monday to talk about the team.

Holland was asked about coaching styles and whether he is okay with a coach getting in a players face referencing Michigan State’s Tom Izzo and his teams mental toughness. He mentioned he loved that style of coaching, because it sets a standard of excellence within a player and the team.

We don’t know for sure what style of coach Vic Fangio will be, but we can probably assume he will be a bit old school and being a defensive-minded guy, he’ll probably be a bit hard-nosed as well.

What style of coaching do you think best fits with a winning football team?