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Dwayne Haskins wears a John Elway jersey to his interview

Dwayne Haskins showed up to his interview with the Denver Broncos wearing John Elway’s jersey.

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Ladies and gentleman, the newest quarterback of the Denver Broncos... Dwayne Haskins!

John Elway is one of those names that transcends football, if you are a new or an old NFL fan you have heard the name, seen the helicopter dive in Super Bowl XXXII, and ignored the fact that he finished his career with a 79.9 QB Rating. There are several players in the NFL and entering the NFL who held Elway as a childhood hero including Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger. Roethlisberger has worn the number seven his entire NFL career.

Last season fans saw that quarterback Case Keenum has also been a lifelong Elway fan, when they saw a younger, chubbier, Keenum sports an Elway jersey in what looked like a 3rd grade basketball game.

Yesterday the Denver Broncos met with Ohio State quarterback Dwayne Haskins, Haskins is one of five quarterbacks the Broncos have used one of their Top 30 visits on. Haskins straight-up wore a blue Elway home game jersey to his interview. Haskins also idolized Elway growing up and wore the number seven at Ohio State to honor his idol.

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