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Could the Broncos take a shot on Daniel Jones?

Duke head coach David Cutcliffe breaks down QBs on 1st & 10 on Orange and Blue 760

Duke v Miami Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images

When Duke head coach David Cutcliffe joined Ryan Edwards, Andrew Mason and Steve Atwater on 1st and 10 on Orange and Blue 760 the first question on everyone’s mind was about QB prospect Daniel Jones.

Cutcliffe is most famous for being the coach that worked with both Peyton and Eli Manning when they were in college. Jone’s has become, “...a big, strong, fast man.” Perhaps the most telling statement about Jones that Cutcliffe gives is when he says, “he is one. He’s what you’re looking for.”

Cutcliffe is a respected voice when it comes to quarterbacks. Peyton Manning worked with him throughout his career during the offseason. He knows arm talent, and sees Jones as a potential starter in the NFL. He certainly has his detractors, and Cutcliffe is surprised to see Jones not mentioned as a higher pick in all the mock drafts currently taking up space on my twitter feed.

Listening to Cutcliffe, you can see why he is considered an expert on coaching quarterbacks. If the Broncos find themselves in a trade back scenario in the draft, he could be the target. Finding a QB to take over after the Joe Flacco era runs its course is hugely important. Whether Denver does that in this year’s draft or in a future draft remains to be seen.

If it was in Cutcliffe’s hands, Jones would be high on John Elway’s list.