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The Broncos can wait for a defensive lineman

1st and 10 held court today to decide when the Broncos should draft a defensive lineman.

During the lead up to the draft Ryan Edwards, Andrew Mason and Steve Atwater have been arguing different points of view about what the Denver Broncos should do. On 1st and 10 on Orange and Blue 760 the interior defensive linemen had their day in court.

During the arguments, Steve and Mase squared off. Steve argued that Denver should consider taking a D-lineman with an early round pick, while Mase made the case for waiting. Both arguments have their merits, and it will be interesting to see what Denver does.

In Steve’s eyes, picking an interior defensive lineman early could be the key to winning. He used both the Rams and the Patriots as examples. The Rams boasted 2 first round picks on the defensive line in Aaron Donald and Ndamukong Suh, while Malcom Brown was the Patriots first round pick in the 2015 draft.

Steve’s main argument ended with the names of players that will definitely go in the first two rounds, but would also look good in orange and blue. Quinnen Williams, Ed Oliver, Christian Wilkins, Dre’mont Jones.

Steve made a good point, but Mase also pointed out some compelling reasons for waiting. Most of all, the depth of the position in this year’s draft. Names like Daylon Mack of Texas A&M, Greg Gaines out of Washington, and Trysten Hill from Central Florida will be available in the later rounds. Denver could wait, and still find a player that could become the answer on the line.

Ryan took both arguments into consideration, but had to rule in favor of value. Value means waiting. This draft is hard to figure, but if Denver does target a defensive lineman, it appears they can’t go wrong taking one in any round.