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Your Broncos as Game of Thrones characters

Game of Thrones premiered on HBO in 2011 - Some Denver Broncos characters have an uncanny resemblance.

As we come to terms with the fact that winter has indeed arrived in Westeros, and may never leave Colorado even though spring officially started on March 20th here on Earth, we reflect on the characters that have shaped the Denver Broncos since 2011 when Game of Thrones premiered on HBO & compare them to some characters from the hit show.

Look no further than John Elway as the catalyst, and the reason fans keep coming back to see what wicked plot twist will ensue week to week. Mr. Elway is the GM and President of Football Operations with the Broncos, and clearly resembles Cersei Lannister. As of this writing, Elway & Cersei have both lost the ones they loved the most. The Queen lost sons, a daughter, and a father at the hands of death. Meanwhile Mr. Elway has lost Gary Kubiak & Wade Phillips to the Vikings & Rams, respectively. John still has his ‘right-hand man’ in Matt Russell helping him make crucial decisions that will decide the fate of the Broncos, while Cersei still has her brother Jaime, who used to have both of his hands. Elway & the Queen also draw parallels when studying their confidence in ultimate power despite the storyline seemingly shifting away from their favor.

Broncos 24-year-old Running Back Phillip Lindsay is drawing comparisons to Tyrion Lannister, who often pairs humor and intelligence with wit & intellect to decipher a problem or find a way to stay alive. Very few see Tyrion for who he truly is, and he is often tagged as the ‘underdog.’ Lindsay & the youngest Lannister have more in common. They both were genetically blessed with gorgeous hair, and have been known to score in bunches without anyone really noticing. The Denver native has also mirrored Arya Stark’s story. Both are small in stature but carry a big heart. Nobody seemed to believe in Lindsay in the NFL, as he went undrafted & didn’t get a combine invite, and nobody believed in Arya. However, both have the swiftness, agility and skill to take down the most tyrannical of tyrants.

Long-time Broncos CB Chris Harris Jr. is Jon Snow. After going undrafted, Harris Jr. rose to an All-Pro level, and how flirts with the notion that he’s the best corner in the league & the best Denver has seen since Champ Bailey. Harris Jr. has always been disrespected in the national media, and has no problem proving his greatness, taking on the likes of Antonio Brown & Tyreek Hill. Chris is honorable, another quality we see in our King of The North & potential ruler of the Seven Kingdoms, and has the potential to establish himself as the ruler of this year’s Broncos secondary as well as AFC North receivers.

Finally, some honorable mentions. Former Broncos Head Coach Josh McDaniels has matched with Petyr Baelish for being so sinister in his schemes. Jay Cutler & Ramsay Bolton are both the character we love to hate. Von Miller is Drogon, Bradley Chubb is Rhaegal, and Bill Kollar is Daenerys, with the power to unleash them. Joe Flacco’s arm strength has been compared to the Night King, and Derek Wolfe is everyone’s favorite Wildling. Also, Garett Bolles is Hodor, with his ability to hold a door or a defender, and Rahim Moore is the dead dragon that makes everyone sad.

There are sure to be shakeups to come in Westeros, as well as Denver, and we will look forward to more doppelgangers as Season 8 progresses. If you have an idea for a comparison, send them in! We are always looking for new ideas. Enjoy the premiere!

Editor’s Note: We are welcoming Kyle Berry to the masthead this week. He is a passionate Broncos fan and I hope everyone will give him a warm welcome in the comments section today with his first official post as part of our group. Go Broncos! - Tim Lynch