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Broncos Mock Draft Monday - The Best Player’s Available

How the first would look if I got to GM every team.

Denver Broncos v Arizona Cardinals
Consider this my best Elway impression.
Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

We’re reaching the home stretch gang, so I thought I’d make this Monday’s Mock something different.

The “What I would do” Mock

This is literally what I would do if I was running the draft for each team as they come up. It’s the closest thing I’ll have to a “full” big board that contains players I took off my adjusted Bronco board.

1. Arizona Cardinals - Quinnen Williams, DEFENSIVE LINE

Perhaps it’s because I believe in Josh Rosen enough to give him a real shot, but I wouldn’t take a quarterback here. I think Williams has more upside than Bosa and think Vance Joseph will find a way to get the most out of him, unless he gets Shelby Harris’d.

2. San Francisco 49ers - Joey Bosa, EDGE

Edge threat was a big enough need that John Lynch traded a 2020 2nd for Dee Ford and handed him $33.5 million guaranteed. Bosa’s boring at this point in the draft process (unless you’re into off field social media drama), but will pair with Ford to turn a one-time weakness into a strength. Easy pick.

3. New York Jets - Brian Burns, EDGE

This may be a bit of a shocker, but I think Burns will wind up a better pass rusher than Josh Allen. He’s more project as run defender and coverage guy, but we can weaponize his freak athleticism and teach him the rest.

4. Oakland Raiders - Kyler Murray, QUARTERBACK

Derek Who? We’re selling the used Carr for whatever we can get and giving Gruden the best quarterback in this class to chuck bombs to Antonio Brown and company.

5. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Ed Oliver, DEFENSIVE LINE

In the right situation, I believe Oliver has a rock solid chance to wind up as the best player in this entire class. That the move would make Gerald McCoy expendable and free up significant cap space is just a bonus.

6. New York Giants - Josh Allen, EDGE

This pick comes down to Dwayne Haskins, Montez Sweat, and Josh Allen for me. I’ve mentioned my thoughts on Haskins a bit here, but he’s a good fit for the Giants. I think Allen gives defensive coordinator James Betcher a versatile edge backer who can drop in coverage and threaten the edge, but if I keep typing, I may change my mind. Again.

7. Jacksonville Jaguars - Jawan Taylor, OFFENSIVE LINE

If Coughlin and Marrone are committed to 2019 Keenum under center and a ball control offense, they’ll need a line that can grind out yards. Taylor isn’t my favorite lineman in this class, but he fits the team. Right tackles are rising in value and should give them help where they want it.

8. Detroit Lions - Jonah Williams, OFFENSIVE LINE

Say hello to my top rated offensive linemen. I think Andre Dillard may have a higher ceiling, but much like Taylor for the Jags, Jonah would give Matt Patricia the kind of line he’ll need in order to pull off his whole “tough defensive coach running offense” schtick. He’d probably have to be a guard here, but I think he’s got Pro Bowl potential inside.

9. Buffalo Bills - T.J. Hockenson, TIGHT END

I think Josh Allen is little more than Tim Tebow with less prayer and an amped up hose, but his best chance at success is with a safety blanket that can clean up his spray.

10. Washington via Broncos - Dwayne Haskins, QUARTERBACK

If I’m Washington, I’m staring at a depth chart that features Case Keenum and I’m doing whatever I can to build a long term plan at the position. Rumors have persisted that this is the favored Josh Rosen destination, but at the time of this writing, it hasn’t happened.

Haskins is a strong fit in the Jay Gruden offense and I think it’d provide the former Buckeye as good a chance as any to reach his ceiling.

11. Cincinnati Bengals - Devin White, LINEBACKER

The Washington trade would steal Haskins from Cinci, and while Lock is a bit tempting here, White is too good. His drop ends with the Bengals, who desperately need to improve their talent on the D. And the line. And receiving corps around Green. Okay, so they’re still a mess.

12. Green Bay Packers - D.K. Metcalf, WIDE RECEIVER

Ever wonder what Megatron would have looked like with Aaron Rodgers throwing him passes?

Now you wouldn’t have to.

13. Miami Dolphins - Rashan Gary, DEFENSIVE LINE, EDGE

I want to trade down, but nothing is enticing enough to pass on Gary who’s sliding. I think Gary is an incredibly talented big man and I tend to love planet theory guys, but he’s a tricky fit into a lot of defenses. His tape is also a bit quiet, but Flores will find a way to get the most out of him, and Miami badly needs an infusion of talent to their front 7... and everywhere else.

14. Atlanta Falcons - Greedy Williams, CORNERBACK

This is sort of a crap situation for the Atlanta JoRo’s, but we didn’t want to give up the kind of ammo it’d take to get into the top 3 to grab Oliver. It’s almost ironic that, because we didn’t get desperate, we get Greedy, a long corner who can play press man, C3, C2, and any variations we want to throw out there.

15. Pittsburgh Steelers via Broncos/Washington - Montez Sweat, EDGE

The Pittsburgh JoRo’s see our 10 picks this year and know we got a little ammo to move up to catch a talented slider, so we take it. Montez Sweat would help take pressure off T.J. Watt and give us the bookends we’ll need to pressure Baker Mayfield for the next decade.

16. Carolina Panthers - Cody Ford, OFFENSIVE LINE

Is he a tackle? Is he a guard? Who cares, have you seen the guys protecting Cam lately?

17. New York Giants - Drew Lock, QUARTERBACK

If Pat Shurmur wants to ride Eli Manning all of 2019, that’s fine. Lock needs an apprenticeship, but he plays in 2020. Shurmur worked some magic with Case Keenum in 2017, so it’s fun to imagine what he could do with a year to refine Lock’s tools.

18. Minnesota Vikings - Andre Dillard, OFFENSIVE TACKLE

He won’t show up on my Broncos board because Denver isn’t chasing a left tackle with Bolles locking down that spot at the moment, but I love Dillard’s potential and fit in the outside zone.

19. Tennessee Titans - Noah Fant, TIGHT END

It’s a make or break year for Marcus Mariota, which hardly seems fair. Between the “exotic smashmouth” and the sorry excuse for a receiving corps the Titans have thrown onto the field in recent years, it feels like he’s never had a real chance. Fant gives him an athletic mismatch and binky to dump the ball to when things go bad.

20. Denver Broncos via STEELERS - Devin Bush, LINEBACKER

We collect picks on Day 2 in 2019 and ‘20 to move down, and still get our guy. I wrote about Bush at length here. Depending on the day, I’d take him over White, and I think he’d be a perfect scheme fit in Fangio’s defense with his ability to run, cover, and blitz.

Devin Bush would add range and physicality to the second level of the Broncos D.

Let me know what you think Broncos Country!