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Why not Dwayne Haskins at #10?

He’s rarely mocked to the Broncos but the former Buckeye could be a great fit as the future at QB for Denver.

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If you listen to our podcast you will learn that we (Skipper Dude and Kevin Gillikin) would both be very happy if the Broncos drafted a defensive lineman such as Ed Oliver with the 10th pick in the draft. The idea being that to have a championship team you need one unit to be great and by adding Oliver to a line with Von Miller, Bradley Chubb and Shelby Harris, the Broncos could have a great Defensive Line. That plus a solid secondary and you could be looking at a top defense in the league. It would be a logical and solid pick and it’s not likely that many fans would be upset. That is, except the fans who either hate Elway or would only be happy with a QB at #10.

The good news for the former group is that Elway’s contract expires in three years. The bad news for the latter group is that Elway’s contract expires in three years.

For those who can’t wait to bring in a GM that they believe can do better than winning a Super Bowl in his first five years on the job, the hope is that they only have a few more seasons left to deal with Elway and his inability to draft QBs etc. These folks can rest easy as they will possibly have someone else to gripe about after the 2021 season.

For those who would only be happy with a QB are out of luck because, if Elway is sick of scouting guys and interviewing players while they are wearing his jersey (which was pretty cool), he will hang up his suit in three years. What does this have to do with drafting a QB at #10 you ask? Y’all are out of luck because he likely wants to ride off into the sunset and if that’s the case he will no doubt put his chips on veteran Joe Flacco rather than suffering through a few seasons with a draftee while risking another Paxton Lynch fiasco.

This is all assuming that John Elway is ready to call it quits in three years (hopefully in a classier way than Magic Johnson). Number seven, after all, doesn’t seem like a guy who is often particularly happy in his current position. He rarely has that sparkle in his eye that Denver fans have loved for so long and he often looks like he would rather be literally anywhere other than the where his is at the moment. But the guy is obsessed with winning. He can’t handle losing and winning is like a drug that he and other real competitors can’t get enough of. If he can build a good enough team, why do we assume that he won’t look for an extension? Maybe he’s far from being done in the competitive world and isn’t ready to spend his days playing golf and getting massages. If he wants to stay it’s not likely that ownership will want to move in another direction.

If he does plan to stick around then we can prognosticate that a QB with the tenth pick could really happen. This isn’t a totally uncommon idea at the moment but the guy who has most often been paired with this scheme is Drew Lock. The same Drew Lock who I have guaranteed will not be a Bronco.

So, if not Lock, then who?

Dwayne Haskins.

The guy who was touted for months as the top QB prospect in the 2019 draft has seemingly lost some love lately, has worn Elway’s jersey to an interview with the team and could be an immediate fit as the future at the position for the Broncos. It’s no longer impossible or even improbable (at least in mocks) to say that Haskins will be available at 10 and that being the case it seems odd that he is never mocked to Denver.

Haskins is a strong pocket passer who can work in a pro offense and had success against some of the best teams in NCAA football. He has no character concerns - that we know of - and seems to have garnered the respect of his teammates and coaches alike. He’s apparently a Broncos fan and thus would be a guy who WANTS to be in Denver. That’s a plus.

If the clock starts ticking on Elway and his cronies with Oliver and Haskins both available, what would you do?

Is it time for the draft yet?!

Let’s GO!!

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If they’re all there at #10 who do you pick?

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