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The Broncos have plenty of options in the Draft

The MHR Radio Podcast will be discussing that and more on the next episode.

The countdown to the draft has Broncos Country all over the place with predictions. On the MHR Radio Podcast, Ian St. Clair and I will try and weave our way through the possibilities. Speculation about what Denver will do runs the gamut, from offense to defense to trading back, up, out. We will take it on, and try to determine what John Elway will do.

We will also examine the polarizing nature of Joe Flacco. Not since Trevor Siemian have we had a player that has created division within the fan base. So, not very long. Perhaps the takeaway is more about Broncos Country as fans, and less about the ability of whoever is under center for Denver. One thing is certain, he has always played well in front of the media.

Voluntary mini camp started, as well. Vic Fangio and his staff will begin working with players, and implementing their scheme on offense and defense. There is a lot going on over the next few weeks.

All that, and the schedule is coming out, too. There will be plenty to discuss. Bring your questions, and join the conversation.