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Broncos face brutal five game stretch late in 2019 season

The Denver Broncos have a five game stretch this season that will make or break their hopes for the playoffs.

The Denver Broncos don’t fare well playing games in the early Sunday slot. Often, those are normally looked at as likely losses or tight/close affairs. When the Broncos 2019 schedule was released, I noticed right off the bat they will have a huge problem on their hands from Weeks 11-15.

They start a streak of four road games in five weeks. All four road games are on the east and start in the early 11:00 AM MT time slot. Several of the teams are playoff contenders as well.

Week 11: @ Minnesota Vikings
Week 12: @ Buffalo Bills
Week 13: vs Los Angeles Chargers
Week 14: @ Houston Texans
Week 15: @ Kansas City Chiefs

That is brutal. Realistically, the Broncos would need to win two of those games to keep in contention - provided they had a winning record heading into this stretch. Their only home game is against a playoff contender and AFC rival in the Chargers, and the Vikings, Texans, and Chiefs are all likely playoff contenders as well.

This five game stretch will absolutely make or break the Broncos season. Damn those early games!

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