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NFL Network’s Daniel Jeremiah says not to sleep on tight end T.J. Hockenson being the Broncos pick at 10th overall

Hock makes a ton of sense

Iowa v Indiana Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

NFL Network’s lead draft analyst Daniel Jeremiah had a conference call today discussing everything draft related. He was asked about the Broncos and what they may do in the first-round and he told reporters not to sleep on former Iowa tight end T.J. Hockenson

We are just about one week away from the first-round of the 2019 NFL Draft kicking off and the news and rumors are beginning to swirl. Yesterday we had news that the Broncos may be looking to move down from 10th overall and today we are hearing not to sleep on Hockenson for the Broncos.

Honestly, Hockenson at 10th overall makes a ton of sense. The tight end is a huge part of Kyle Shanahan’s offense. They are a focal point in the passing game and their blocking skills help that run game that more often than not is the main focus in this offense. Hockenson can do all that and would be an instant contributor for the Broncos offense.

I understand the whole “A tight end at 10th overall is a reach” or “poor positional value” and most years I would be banging that drum with you guys/gals. However, the importance of the tight end in this offensive scheme has boosted it up the positional importance ranking in my opinion.

Add in that your Devin White’s and Ed Oliver’s will likely be off the board by the time the Broncos pick. Looking at the players who are likely to be available at 10th overall, there are not many(if any at all) that I would take before Hockenson.

What do you think MHR? Do you want the Broncos to take Hockenson at 10th overall? Or do you think there are better prospects or tight ends(Noah Fant) available for them?