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Pre-Draft NFL Power Rankings

How far out of contention are the Denver Broncos? Not too far in these NFL power rankings, but far enough to be disappointed.

NFL: NFL Honors-Red Carpet
Have Von and the Broncos closed the gap on the rest of the AFC West?
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

We’ve hit that point between free agency and the draft where we’re all just waiting for things to kick into motion. Pro Days are exciting, but tend to cement what we already know. What we don’t is who will do what to address the remaining holes on the roster.

So it’s a bit of an exercise in futility to properly rank where teams will finish just yet. Instead, these rankings should give you an idea of how things look now. Who needs a home run draft to really contend this year? Who looks primed for Tua 2020?

32. Miami Dolphins

At the time I’m writing this the Dolphins have a second draft pick in rounds 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7 in the 2020 draft. Chris Grier may well trade back in the 2019 draft for even more ammo. They gave away Robert Quinn for peanuts, will probably give away Reshad Jones, and signed Ryan Fitzpatrick to start. This team is going to suck. Hard. Everyone knows it.

31. New York Giants

One of the confusing parts about these two leading contenders in the tank for Tua contest is that they employ marginal quarterbacks. It wouldn’t be the craziest thing in the world for Fitzmagic or Eli Manning to pull a monster game out of the air, which of course ruins everything. I’m rooting for it.

30. Arizona Cardinals

One of the key points at the center of the Josh Rosen - Kyler Murray argument is Steve Keim. If he drafts Murray, the rookie is going to a team so bad that it helped Josh Rosen to one of the worst rookie seasons ever. The Cards have been really aggressive in free agency to patch holes, but they still have Justin Pugh, Gabe Martin, and Ricky Seals-Jones as expected starters. Woof.

29. Cincinnati Bengals

Unless Zac Taylor can remake Dalton like McVay did Goff, this team’s going to be bad. They resigned Bobby Hart, (if you’re looking for the worst move of free agency...) but still need offensive line help. Tyler Eifert is the starting tight end, but he’s never played a full season since entering the league in 2013. The defense has a few interesting parts like William Jackson, and Geno Atkins, but it’s mostly guys. Their ceiling is “interesting,” their floor is sleeper for Tua Tagovailoa or Justin Herbert. Complicating matters if their rumored interest in the 2019 QB class.

28. Buffalo Bills

The Bills finished 2018 with the 2nd best defense by Football Outsiders DVOA ratings, so if Josh Allen makes a leap they could surprise. It’s far more likely the defense comes back to Earth and Allen is the kind of bad quarterback that helps fantasy owners more than rural New York.

27. Jacksonville Jaguars

This may be a bit of a reality shock if you believed in the magic of Nick Foles, but, do you remember 2018 Case Keenum? That’s 2019 Nick Foles. Meanwhile the rest of the roster has been trimmed to make room for their new “franchise” quarterback. This won’t end well. Here’s betting Coughlin “retires” again next year. Hopefully by then I’m done using quotation marks to make my point, but don’t bet on it.

26. Detroit Lions

A quick aside: I’m from Michigan and know a ton of Lions fans. They’re not sold on the Detroit Patriots. Seats are already warm for management, and Matt Patricia did just about everything to burn any grace period last year. Then you realize they play the AFC West and NFC East this year. I liked the Flowers, Jesse James, and Justin Coleman signings more than most, but Bob Quinn needs a home run draft and a competitive 2019 if he wants to last the year.

25. Washington

Case. Keenum.

24. Oakland Raiders

If you stop and think about 2018, Jon Gruden actually schemed a halfway decent offense around his talent deficiencies when he wasn’t the butt of jokes. Of course, he’s the one who farted away all that talent.

This year, they should be a little better, at least. Say what you want about how Antonio Brown forced his way out of Pittsburgh, he’s a clear upgrade over Jordy Nelson. On the other hand, the line is still a mess thanks to bad draft picks, and Tom Cable. Derek Carr’s long term future is murky at best. The defense is probably a year away, at the very least, and the whole thing reeks of trinitrotoluene.

23. New York Jets

This is a small of a leap of faith, but Sam Darnold’s already the best quarterback Adam Gase has had since he coached Peyton Manning. Of course, chances are this turns dysfunctional fast. Gregg Williams, LeVeon Bell, Gase, and the New York media? It won’t be boring.

22. Tennessee Titans

They were one Blaine Gabbert start away from the postseason a year ago, but got the double whammy of key personnel and coaching departures this spring. What’s left is Mike Vrabel, who wants to build his offense around the one dimensional Derrick Henry and recently worked Ed Oliver out at linebacker.

21. Baltimore Ravens

I don’t blame them for balking at the C.J. Mosley and Za’Darius Smith contracts, but both leave craters on the depth chart. On offense the loss of John Brown is mitigated by the fact that Baltimore’s offense with Lamar Jackson wouldn’t justify his $7.5 M cap hit (Josh Allen won’t either). Losing Weddle hurt, but Earl Thomas will be stupid good in Wink Martindale’s scheme if he can stay healthy.

Baltimore typically loses in free agency as they refuse to overpay. That helps them stash compensatory selections like they’re gold, so this is par for the course. I have them low because Jackson was kind of exposed last year. The media narrative glossed over the importance Baltimore’s D had in their run to the playoffs.

20. Chicago Bears

My cousins a Bears fan. I cut her highlights from the 2018 season as a Christmas gift last year. As an aside, that’s why I was on the Fangio train long before Vance Joseph was fired, but it’s also why I’m low on the Bears now. Much like the Broncos post-Wade Phillips, Chicago is due for a bit of defensive regression to the mean. They’ll still be good, but they were historically good last season and that is night impossible to maintain.

Matt Nagy could keep Chi-town in the hunt if the offense takes a step forward, but last year it looked like a lot of Mitch Trubisky’s success is smoke and mirrors. The Bears didn’t really add anyone of note to the offense and will enter the draft with just one pick in the first 100 selections.

19. Houston Texans

If the Texans can find a way to address their one crippling weakness they potentially catapult into Super Bowl contention. So far, the juries out as they’ve done nothing to improve on a line that allowed 62 sacks a year ago.

18. Pittsburgh Steelers

Steelers fans are still in that part of the break-up where they’re in denial. They’re the angry ex that kept the belongings that remind them of what was once a happy marriage. They haven’t realized there’s termites eating away at the foundation.

17. Carolina Panthers

The health of Cam Newton is a perpetual question, but should he stay upright they’ll be in the mix. The offensive line got stronger through subtraction (Matt Kalil), retention (Daryl Williams) and addition (Matt Paradis). The defense is still littered with questions, but they’re in prime position at 16 and 47 to find sliders.

16. Denver Broncos

I loved the Broncos free agency period, but also carry serious doubts about Flacco. I took a longer look into that here. Denver’s in a weird transition as the team has key veterans in Von Miller, Chris Harris, Kareem Jackson, Emmanuel Sanders, & Joe Flacco who are all looking at the back end of their careers, but need Courtland Sutton, Bradley Chubb, Phillip Lindsay, DaeSean Hamilton, and Royce Freeman to make a jump to seriously contend in for the playoffs in ‘19.

I looked at the remaining holes here.

With a standout draft and better health luck, I like their chances.

15. Minnesota Vikings

Mike Zimmer wants a foundational running game, but the jury’s out. Josh Kline adds much needed talent to the line if he can bounce back from a really down year, but holes remain up front. Kubiak and Dennison have pulled rabbits out of the air before, but they’ll need draft help.

On the other side of the ball, Minnesota looks like the guy who bought a round for everyone and maxed out his credit card. Anthony Barr is getting paid like a franchise Edge rusher despite 13.5 career sacks. That money would have been better spent on Sheldon Richardson, but he left for Cleveland. Rumors have circulated that Xavier Rhodes or Trae Waynes could be moved to create space under the cap.

14. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

I still can’t believe Shaq Barrett signed for just $4 Million. I’ve studied him at length multiple times and would have placed his value closer to double that. We know the Bengals were interested, so it’s entirely possible he turned down a funny money deal to bet on himself with a real opportunity. Maybe I’m a homer, but it looks like it could turn out to be the best bargain signing of free agency.

The rest of the Bucs free agent signings made sense given their limited cap space. Arians and Licht threw most of their flexibility away to keep Donovan Smith, and while I dislike that deal, it made sense for a win-now window. Deone Bucannon is a good fit for the Todd Bowles D, Breshad Perriman gives Arians his John Brown-esque vertical threat, and the rest of the deals are low cost depth pieces.

13. San Francisco 49ers

I drank the Kool Aid last year, so sign me up for some more cyanide this go ’round.

12. Atlanta Falcons

The Dirty Birds are going to surprise some people this year. EVERYONE was injured in 2018, and they still finished with a top 10 offense by DVOA. Keep that in mind before you scoff at the “Matt Ryan is underrated” movement.

I kind of hated their free agency for two big, 300 lb reasons. Atlanta’s cap strapped, and guard was an issue, but throwing more than $20 million guaranteed at Jamon Brown and James Carpenter is questionable at best.

11. Dallas Cowboys

Jerry Jones did his best Mark Cuban impression. Dallas hit Spring with one goal central to all of their moves. They wanted to remain competitive while retaining flexibility for an expensive 2020 when Dak Prescott, Ezekiel Elliot, and Amari Cooper need contracts. If you keep that goal in mind, they were wildly successful this offseason. Every one of their deals are 1-year deals in all reality. That doesn’t sit well with DeMarcus Lawrence, who got the franchise tag and wants his $100 million.

10. Los Angeles Chargers

The best team no one cares about, The Chargers didn’t really do much to move the needle in free agency. They didn’t have to. They’re a really strong, well rounded team. The biggest question facing them next year is if they’ll still do Chargers $#!+.

9. Seattle Seahawks

It’s kind of amazing how ugly the relationship between Seattle and Earl Thomas got at the end. I’d be reluctant to hand out a 3-year deal with cap hits floating into the $15 M+ range to the oft-injured 30-year old too, but he’s still a Hall of Fame talent who makes a huge difference when healthy.

The moves Seattle did make are all fine. Resigning K.J. Wright and Mychal Kendricks made a lot of sense. D.J Fluker and Mike Iupati are just guys at this point, but the numbers reflect that. Their worst move was probably letting Justin Coleman go and paying big money to a kicker, but Schottenheimer’s play calling is the biggest problem in the Pacific Northwest.

8. Indianapolis Colts

Indy quietly had a really solid free agency. People have been critical of the Funchess signing but it’s a A) one year deal and a B) pairing of a receiver who’s best routes are the ones Luck likes the most. Pierre Desir was a corner a bunch of us at MHR had eyes on, and Justin Houstin is on the decline, but ask Jared Veldheer and Billy Turner if he can still play. The one critique I’d have is that perhaps they could have done a little more, the Colts still have almost $60 million in cap space.

7. New Orleans Saints

The Big Easy is example A for what happens when you kick cap issues down the road for years. Drew Brees cap hit is already going to be north of $20 million in 2020. That’s all good and dandy until you realize his contract expires this year. If Brees retires next year, he gets to cash serious checks. If the Saints want to resign him, they’ll commit $30-40+ million of their for his services. Keep that in mind the next time you see the fans complaining about last year’s robbery blown no call. Zebras probably stole their last best chance.

What you see is basically what you get with the Saints. They have a second round pick and then sit on their hands until the middle of Day 3. As far as this year’s free agency, it was pretty good. Murray costs them just under $6 million over the next two seasons, and every other move is essentially a one year deal. I was pretty bummed about Malcom Brown as I wanted him to don the orange and blue.

6. Kansas City Chiefs

All of Broncos Country should be celebrating the Chiefs moves since losing to the Patriots in the AFC Championship game. They hired a defensive coordinator who’s coached just one above average defense by DVOA since 2008. They gutted the one strength of the 2018’s defense because of “scheme fit” and signed the Honey Badger to a deal that carries a $16 million cap hit in 2020 they can’t get out from under. Tyrann Mathieu is a very good player, but Kansas City just traded for Emmanuel Ogbah because Reid woke up to the fact that there is little chance a first round Edge rusher will still be available at 29.

Patrick Mahomes is still piloting the scariest offense in the NFL, but he’s straddled with another craptastic D. The offense can’t average 50 a game, can they?

5. New England Patriots

They lost Gronk, they lost Trey Flowers, and Tom Brady is going to be 42-years old August 3rd. But I’ve learned my lesson picking against New England too many times the last 15 years. The Pats currently have 6 picks on the first two days of the draft, and Belichick will somehow find a way to make magic with them.

You don’t have to like it, I certainly don’t, but... they’re probably entering the season number one. At least until we all overreact to a big loss in September.

4. Los Angeles Rams

The biggest question that hangs over the Rams is if the blueprint’s out on Goff and McVay’s offense, but let’s not kid ourselves: L.A. was one missed call on Rob Gronkowski away from a very different Super Bowl.

Thanks to their locale and contending status, the Rams drew in Eric Weddle (great deal), and Clay Matthews (yikes) in free agency. Their biggest immediate need is OL help and front 7 talent to surround Aaron Donald in lieu of Ndamukong Suh and Mark Barron departing.

3. Philadelphia Eagles

The Eagles made the divisional round a year ago with Nick Foles leading the offense and a secondary held together by Malcolm Jenkins and scotch tape. They should enter the new season with a healthy Carson Wentz, Ronald Darby,a fortified front 7 thanks to Malik Jackson,and Jordan Howard. In between they have 3 top 60 picks in the NFL draft. The health questions will hover over Wentz ‘til he proves otherwise, but if he stays out of hospital gowns this team’s as dangerous in the NFC.

2. Green Bay Packers

Remember how I said I know a lot of Lions fans? I know more Cheeseheads, and they’re in this weird state of shock from the Ted Thompson era. Whenever I bring up their signings or free agency it’s kind of their reaction is somewhere from “it’s so much change” to “that was so much money.”

So let me just say that I loved their Spring. Za’Darius Smith may have been the scariest move to me, but it isn’t like he was bad last year. According to Sports Info Solutions he notched more pressures than all but the league’s elite. Pro Football Focus ranked him their 14th Edge. He and Preston Smith gives Mike Pettine two legitimate pass rushers, something he’s never had as a coordinator.

Behind them is Adrian Amos, and if you’ve read anything I’ve written since January you probably know he was my number 1 free agent. They could still use receiving help to attack the middle of the field, and more talent on D won’t hurt, but they have an extra first. Unless they blow the pick the CBS, and Fox Sports of the world will give them an A+ draft grade.

1. Cleveland Browns

Got to give it to John Dorsey, he’s done one heck of a job since taking the job last year. Freddie Kitchens was my favorite head coaching candidate. Baker Mayfield was my top QB in the 2018 class, and Dorsey’s masterfully given the duo proven talent to make the most of the remaining 3 years on the second year star’s rookie deal. The Odell Beckham Jr. trade shook the NFL, but the Oliver Vernon was incredibly savvy so long as Austin Corbett can fill the void at guard.

Consider this peak a “for now ranking” though as Cleveland doesn’t hit the draft without holes, they need talent in the secondary around Denzel Ward, and the second level of their defense has questions. How they address both should be interesting as the draft isn’t particularly deep at either position.

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Mack is an incredible player, and the Bears should feel great about their trade, but when you factor in the expected value of the draft picks traded to acquire him, Chicago is paying its star pass-rusher close to $30 million per season. The Bill Barnwell Show Barnwell and friends discuss sports -- usually.

Meanwhile, the Broncos used the fifth pick in last year’s draft on Bradley Chubb and pay him just short of $7 million per year. Mack was the better player in 2018, but Chubb racked up 12 sacks and 21 quarterback knockdowns for a fraction of the cost. Mack was probably worth about what he cost last season. Chubb was worth far more than $7 million, and the Broncos held on to their draft picks while using their cap space elsewhere. Mack is unquestionably a safe bet to play better than a rookie with no NFL experience, but Chubb doesn’t need to succeed frequently to make the math work.

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The former Bear has developed into one of the best slot corners in the NFL: He graded out 11th among all cornerbacks last year, per Pro Football Focus, surrendering just one touchdown and an 80.5 passer rating on 472 coverage snaps. He ranked seventh in yards per coverage snap (0.72) and tied for 13th in coverage snaps per target (8.5), per PFF. Contracts for nickel corners still lag far behind those of their brethren on the outside, but Callahan’s a top player at his position and represents excellent value relative to the key role he’ll play in Denver’s scheme. In a division that features pass-catchers like Antonio Brown, Keenan Allen, and others, Callahan’s deal could end up looking like a huge bargain in short order.

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While the media is much more on Haskins than Lock, the NFL has remained high on Lock even through a rocky 2018 and lackluster Senior Bowl. If teams are split (Denver at 10, Bengals at 11, Miami at 13) on Lock v. Haskins, we could very well see them go back-to-back or within a couple picks. The possibility for Lock to be the first of the pairing is almost a coin flip.

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Sean Bunting, Justin Layne and Rock Ya-Sin have all been referenced as of late as potential top-50 selections in next month’s Draft. They’re a little lower for me, but they’re high upside prospects and scheme specific starters in the pros, no question. Bunting, I favor in Cover-3, he’s got loose hips for bail technique and he’s got requisite length to reach and extend for the ball. Plus, he’s the third most impressive overall athlete in this year’s cornerback class when adjusting for size, according to my personal metrics (cheers, Jamel Dean and Ken Webster). A 41.50” vert and a 6.85 3-cone will do that for a guy.

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Warring declared for the NFL Draft after posting 49 receptions over the past two years. Meager receiving production, for sure, but keep in mind the team we’re talking about. Irv Smith, for instance, caught more balls last year — but finished fourth on the high-flying Tide in receptions. Warring, meanwhile, led the land-locked Aztecs in receptions by nine last year. Warring also led SDSU in TD catches in each of the past two years.


Denver Broncos – Drew Lock, QB, Missouri (10th Overall) If there’s any team in the top 10 of the first round that’s going to be aggressive and move up, it’s going to be the Denver Broncos. Could they target just a quarterback at pick ten? Definitely, not but realistically.

Joe Flacco isn’t the long term option for them, and it’s been rumored that the Broncos are very interested in Drew Lock. If they were to trade up, where would they go? The New York Jets could use a couple more picks for this draft, and the Broncos have the assets to make it happen. Importantly, they should think about moving up in front of the Raiders because they’re also rumored to like Drew Lock. By adding Drew Lock, the Broncos could easily let him sit for a season or two behind Joe Flacco.

There’s no guarantee that Flacco has fully recovered from the right hip injury that he suffered last season, and to be honest, he hasn’t played very well for quite some time. To make sure that you have a quarterback of the future, the Broncos should strongly consider Lock. He’s got a strong arm that, outside of Tyree Jackson from Buffalo, may be the strongest in this class. His accuracy can get spotty, and most of that has to do with his lower body mechanics or rushing through progressions. Overall, if you’re going to take the risk on Flacco, you better consider taking a risk on a rookie quarterback with a much higher ceiling.

McShay’s QB grades - 2019 NFL draft class vs. first-rounders since 2016

Drew Lock, Missouri (2019) Current ranking for 2019: No. 18 overall As a prospect: “Lock is a good-sized, big-armed QB with above-average athleticism and speed for the position. He displays good overall deep-ball trajectory and placement. However, his footwork is inconsistent, as he has a tendency to open his front hip. Lock can throw accurately and with zip from many different arm angles and when completely off-balance. He has the tools to develop into a quality NFL starter.”

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Drew Lock goes 2, and somehow the Broncos wind up with another sliding steal. 10 Devin White - LB Denver gets the defensive leader at ILB that it needs now that Brandon Marshall was allowed to move on. White’s an all-around talent who should eventually be a Pro Bowl candidate.

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Drew Lock QB, Missouri Denver has shown consistent interest in Missouri quarterback Drew Lock, and still figure to be in the quarterback market despite the acquisition of Joe Flacco. In fact, there may not be a better one-to-two year mentor for Lock than Flacco, as Flacco had some of the same traits upon entering the NFL. While this likely means a season of development for Lock, his natural arm talent fits what John Elways has looked for in his previous quarterback draft picks.

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