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Does Fangio have enough time to get “buy in” for 2019 season?

Voluntary Workouts start for 2019 Denver Broncos. Vic Fangio has to get everyone on the same page now.

Ian Johnson / Getty Images

Head Coach Vic Fangio’s comments drew a massive response from Broncos Country last week after he said, “I have watched very little of the Denver Broncos from the 2018 season. Very little. I bet you under 150 plays. I want to form my own opinion. I don’t want to watch other stuff.”

But before Fangio can install his new defense, he must work with John Elway to have a meaningful 2019 draft class and beginning of the season.

David Zalubowski / Associated Press

Fangio must immediately capture his players’ trust, command their respect, and demand results. Many believe that Fangio was chosen as head coach so that he can change the Broncos culture through discipline and winning. Fangio’s, “death by inches,” mantra continues to be echoed throughout the Mile High City.

Today, the Denver Broncos have begun voluntary offseason workouts at Dove Valley. In approximately four months, the Denver Broncos will open the 2019 NFL preseason against the Atlanta Falcons in the annual Hall of Fame Game.

That means Fangio and his staff will have four months to work with current players, and three months to work with rookies (post draft).

Former Broncos wide receiver and University of Colorado legend Mike Pritchard voiced his concern with the short time frame that Fangio has to work with. On his local radio show, he asked, “Is four months enough time to get players to buy in?”

This is the question the Broncos are trying to answer. With the induction of Pat Bowlen and Champ Bailey into the 2019 NFL Hall of Fame, the Denver Broncos have the honor of playing the first football game of the year. But for Fangio and his staff, the timing of the game is a major inconvenience.

While preparing for the draft, the Broncos are eagerly trying to build a foundation and identity through voluntary work outs. These work outs prove to be critical as players and coaches build relationships, raise morale, and learn fundamental concepts of football.

With the clock ticking, Fangio has started to imprint his vision of the 2019 Denver Broncos.