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Chris Harris reportedly wants commitment from the Broncos before the draft.

Benjamin Allbright talks about the Chris Harris contract situation on air today.

We covered earlier today how Chris Harris was absent from opening day of the Broncos offseason program. This portion is voluntary, but it still sends a signal that Harris is looking for a contract extension, along with a pay increase, as he enters the final year of his deal.

Benjamin Allbright joined the guys at 1st & 10 at 10 on Orange and Blue 760 to discuss the situation and where both sides stand currently.

He said that Denver is likely wanting to hold out on making any extension until after the draft so they have the added flexibility in case they want to potentially trade Harris.

Harris, on the other hand, wants commitment from the Broncos before the draft. Allbright said the starting place for negotiations is likely an average of the top five salaries at the position, which would put Harris asking for around $14 million per year.

That’s a pretty steep asking price, but is the going rate for top corners, and is likely just the starting place, as Allbright pointed out.

Check out the full interview above. And stay tuned. This is likely just the beginning.