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The million-dollar question: Quarterback or linebacker in round one?

Trevor Sikkema of The Draft Network talks with the guys at First and 10 @ 10 about his thinking on what the Broncos could do and what he thinks they should do on Thursday night.

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Florida v Michigan Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

Draft guru Trevor Sikkema joined Ryan Edwards, Andrew Mason and Steve Atwater on Monday to talk first-round draft scenarios, and he believes two things are pretty surefire bets - Ed Oliver won’t be there at 10, and it will come down to either quarterback or middle linebacker for the Broncos’ first pick.

So unless you’ve been away at sea for the past four months and have had zero connection to the outside world, this is not news to you.

But as much as The Draft Network’s Sikkema likes the Devin from Michigan (Bush) more than the Devin from LSU (White) - he believes that if a top quarterback is available for the Broncos, Elway should grab him.

So we’re back to the same old debate - do Broncos need to take a potential franchise QB in round one of the draft this year, or can they afford to wait if they aren’t sold on one of those QBs?

Sikkema thinks Kyler Murray is going No. 1 overall and that a team or two will trade up into the top 10 to take another top quarterback, so Dwayne Haskins or Daniel Jones could be available.

“If I were [the Broncos], I’d be picking Dwayne Haskins, because if you don’t have a long-term answer at quarterback you’ve got to be able to fix it pretty quickly or at least give yourselves an option,” Sikkema said, adding that the Broncos do not have that long-term option on the team right now. “But you always want to restart that process to becoming a Super Bowl contender as quickly as possible, which means taking some risks on quarterbacks.”

And Sikkema is still in favor of going after a potential franchise QB even without a strong offensive line or a solid offense just yet - though obviously at some point it has to be a total package for an offense to be truly successful.

“If you have the opportunity to pick a guy you think could be the long-term future for you, you have to take that chance,” he said. “Even if rest of the offensive line or the offense in general or even the team in general isn’t quite ready, you have to know in your mind you can build on that and you can come together a lot better once you have a quarterback in place.

“You may not do much winning right away,” he added, “but it’s much easier to build the team once you have that centerpiece there.”

Mason, who also did his final first-round mock today and took Bush for his pick - even with Haskins still on the board, got a great explanation from Sikkema on why he prefers Devin Bush to Devin White.

“It’s a very small separation because both are going to be in the league a long time, but I just love Devin Bush’s mental makeup and toughness on the field,” he said, adding that you always want your middle linebacker to be a leader on the field. “They’re both two very good linebackers. White is more of an attacking linebacker, an excellent A-gap blitzer. Bush can blitz from A-gap too, but I think he’s a little bit more fluid in coverage, especially in zone, which is so important playing in the middle of the field.”

So in case the Broncos follow Sikkema’s first-round direction (QB) over Mason’s (LB), the crew wondered what Sikkema thought the Broncos’ direction should be in rounds two and three.

If Denver goes quarterback, then getting an inside linebacker in round two is probably a good idea, given the drop-off in talent at that position in by round three and beyond. But if they go linebacker in one, then perhaps a tight end in round two and an interior offensive lineman in three would make sense, he noted.

“Erik McCoy and Chris Lindstrom make a lot of sense. Total plug-and-play guys,” Sikkema said, adding that he’s not as high on Dalton Risner as some because he has concerns about his speed and narrow base, but he also gave the Colorado native a lot of props.

“He’s the kind of person you want playing offensive line. He loves to just move people from one spot to the other,” Sikkema added. “And he had great chemistry after just three days at Senior Bowl, which is such an important part of playing offensive line.”


Without knowing who is left on the board, which position do the Broncos need to go after most in round one?

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