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NFL Mock Draft 2019: SB Nation Writer’s Full First Round Mock

The 2019 SB Nation Writer mock is out and we took quarterback Drew Lock for the Denver Broncos. Sorry!

The annual SB Nation Writer’s Mock has run its course, with all 32 picks in the first round having been completed. This year the mothership had each blog submit its pick in verbal format, which was kind of fun.

Our own Scotty Payne made the actual pick for the Denver Broncos and I tried not to fail in my verbal account of the selection.

Listen to the full episode.

And yes, Mile High Report pulled the trigger on Missouri quarterback Drew Lock in this mock. However, if they ran it again this week, I’d probably be leaning more towards inside linebacker Devin Bush instead. Whatever smoke there was around John Elway and Lock has since been put out by some angelic NFL Draft firefighter.

Who would you take with the tenth overall pick in this situation?