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FanPulse: The biggest need on the Broncos isn’t quarterback

Denver Broncos fans are hoping the team looks at the inside linebacker position in the 2019 NFL Draft. Devin Bush, anyone?

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The Denver Broncos are keeping their interests in the 2019 NFL Draft close to the vest, but do appear to be moving away from drafting a quarterback. A decision that completely annihilates the thought process behind our pick in SB Nation’s annual writer’s mock this year.

If not a quarterback, then where are the teams biggest positional needs heading into the draft?

That was the question we posed in this weeks’ FanPulse survey. While we’re not sure what the “other” position would be for those votes, a vast majority still honed in on the inside linebacker position.

That would mean Devin White or Devin Bush with the 10th overall pick, but it could also mean the Broncos trade back for value. If all these rumors are true, then we should be in for a very interesting draft weekend.

Also draft related, we asked who the best player in this years’ draft class will be. A surprisingly large number went with Nick Bosa. I would have voted Quinnen Williams myself, but Bosa is clearly a top end talent as well.

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