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How to watch the 2019 NFL Draft: TV schedule, online stream, draft order and more

Here’s when the 2019 NFL Draft stats and where to watch your favorite team either screw themselves over for years to come or land franchise-changing players that will lead to Super Bowls.

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The date has finally arrived for the 2019 NFL Draft. In 24 hours there will be no more mocks, no more supposition, no more debate. There will be action and results. After tonight,l we will finally know who the Denver Broncos had on their board with the tenth overall pick.

This year, the NFL Draft will take place at First and Broadway in Nashville, Tennessee. Let’s get into the nuts and bolts of the next three days of the NFL’s annual draft extravaganza.

When is the 2019 NFL Draft?

Day 1: Round 1

When: Thursday April 25th at 6 p.m. Mile High time

Time per pick: 10 minutes

TV channels: ABC, ESPN, NFL Network, ESPN Deportes

Streaming:, FuboTV

Day 2: Rounds 2 & 3

When: Friday April 26th at 5 p.m. Mile High time

Time per pick: 7 minutes for round 2; 5 minutes for round 3

TV channels: ABC, ESPN, ESPN2, NFL Network, ESPN Deportes

Streaming:, FuboTV

Day 3: Rounds 4 through 7

When: Saturday April 27th at 10 a.m. Mile High time

Time per pick: 5 minutes for rounds 4-6; 4 minutes for round 7

TV channels: ABC, ESPN, NFL Network, ESPN Deportes

Streaming:, FuboTV

Radio: National live audio coverage will be provided by SiriusXM (Rounds 1-7), Westwood One (Round 1) and ESPN Radio (Rounds 1-7). Audio of NFL Network’s coverage of the 2019 NFL Draft will be available via the TuneIn app.

What time do the Broncos pick in Round 1?

For the Broncos, you should expect a pick, or (gasp!) a trade back, at around 7:15 p.m. Mile High time if the first nine picks average around 8-9 minutes per pick. You’ll want to tune in then at the very latest to see what John Elway and the Broncos do with that tenth overall pick of the draft.

Broncos draft picks

Round 1: 10th-overall pick

Round 2: 41st-overall pick

Round 3: 71st-overall pick

Round 4: 125th-overall pick (from Houston)

Round 5: 148th-overall pick

Round 5: 156th-overall pick (from Minnesota)

Round 6: 182nd-overall pick

Round 7: 237th-overall pick (from Houston)

Which players are attending NFL Draft?

A total of 23 college players have confirmed they will be attending the NFL Draft. Many will go in the first round. Here is a full list of those who have confirmed:

Josh Allen, LB, Kentucky

DeAndre Baker, DB, Georgia

Nick Bosa, DE, Ohio State

Marquise Brown, WR, Oklahoma

Brian Burns, DE, Florida State

Devin Bush, LB, Michigan

Andre Dillard, T, Washington State

Noah Fant, TE, Iowa

Cody Ford, T, Oklahoma

T.J. Hockenson, TE, Iowa

Josh Jacobs, RB, Alabama

Daniel Jones, QB, Duke

Drew Lock, QB, Missouri

D.K. Metcalf, WR, Mississippi

Kyler Murray, QB, Oklahoma

Ed Oliver, DT, Houston

Montez Sweat, DE, Mississippi State

Jawaan Taylor, T, Florida

Devin White, LB, Louisiana State

Christian Wilkins, DT, Clemson

Greedy Williams, CB, Louisiana State

Jonah Williams, T, Alabama

Quinnen Williams, DT, Alabama

2019 NFL Draft order - Round 1

1. Arizona Cardinals

2. San Francisco 49ers

3. New York Jets

4. Oakland Raiders

5. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

6. New York Giants

7. Jacksonville Jaguars

8. Detroit Lions

9. Buffalo Bills

10. Denver Broncos

11. Cincinnati Bengals

12. Green Bay Packers

13. Miami Dolphins

14. Atlanta Falcons

15. Washington Redskins

16. Carolina Panthers

17. New York Giants (from Cleveland)

18. Minnesota Vikings

19. Tennessee Titans

20. Pittsburgh Steelers

21. Seattle Seahawks

22. Baltimore Ravens

23 Houston Texans

24. Oakland Raiders (from Chicago)

25. Philadelphia Eagles

26. Indianapolis Colts

27. Oakland Raiders (from Dallas)

28. Los Angeles Chargers

29. Kansas City Chiefs

30. Green Bay Packers (from New Orleans)

31. Los Angeles Rams

32. New England Patriots