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Noah Fant calls Joe Flacco a legend after being drafted by Broncos

New Denver Broncos tight end Noah Fant sees Joe Flacco as an NFL legend. While that might be up for debate, Fant’s explosive ability at tight end is not.

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The first round of the 2019 NFL Draft didn’t quite go as we thought it would, but the Denver Broncos trade back with the Pittsburgh Steelers was quite a good deal for Denver. Not only that, they ended up drafting the player they seemed to be eyeing all along in Iowa tight end Noah Fant with the 20th overall pick.

Fant met with the media immediately after being drafted and had a few interesting things to say about the situation. During his official visit, he had a very good impression of the franchise.

“It was amazing,” Fant said. “I loved it. I said before this draft even happened that I would love to go to Denver. That would be a great place for me to go. I’m super excited and super stoked to be a Denver Bronco. I can’t wait to get to Denver.”

He doesn’t just seem himself as a run of the mill tight end. He is a quarterback’s eraser. His explanation of that was very interesting and insightful.

“It means that if the quarterback misses any type of read or is struggling or anything and needs to bail out, he gets it to the tight end,” Fant said. “That’s where I come into the factor, trying to be a dynamic tight end where maybe those mistakes can turn into touchdowns. That’s something that’s very important and something that I hopefully look to do for the Denver Broncos.”

The Broncos haven’t had a dynamic tight end since Julius Thomas had his career made by Peyton Manning in 2013. Fant, on the other hand, will have Joe Flacco as his quarterback.

“I’m super hyped about it,” Fant said of Flacco. “Joe Flacco has been a Super Bowl quarterback. He’s a legend. I’m super stoked to get in there and get to work.”

That was interesting. Not sure I have anything else to say about that. Let’s hope Fant is a legend too, except in a Broncos uniform.

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