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Broncos Country Erupts for Noah Fant at official Broncos Draft Party

Fans were forced to be patient but walked away happy with the Broncos 1st Round Draft selection.

Daniel Brenner / The Denver Post

Broncos Country loves the draft.

Fans donned their favorite players jerseys, while others represented the team in energetic costumes at the official Broncos’ Draft Party at Broncos Stadium at Mile High.

Luke Patterson / Mile High Report

Former Bronco Ed McCaffrey and former CU Buff Justin Adams started the Broncos Draft Party by speaking with various members of the 2018 Draft Class.

2018 1st Round Pick Bradley Chubb, and 2nd Round Pick Courtland Sutton
Luke Patterson / Mile High Report

Bradley Chubb, Courtland Sutton, Isaac Yiadom, and 2017 1st round pick Garrett Bolles anxiously waited with fans to see who the Broncos would select in the 1st round. Excitement and speculation filled the room with theories on who the Broncos would select.

With Devin Bush still on the board at the 10th overall position, many fans believed the Michigan Wolverine would be coming to the Mile High City.

Suddenly, the Broncos traded their 1st round pick away to the Pittsburgh Steelers. Immediately, the excitement and energy felt in the stadium faded.

While fans and players seemed frustrated to wait until pick 20, there was a sense that over half the crowd expected the Broncos to trade back. The sold out draft party had an overwhelming tone of impatience but not outrage.

Finally, the Broncos are on the clock. Bradley Chubb at the podium tugged at the heart strings of Broncos Country. With his phone in one hand, he grabbed a mic and said, “I know who the pick is.”

“With the 20th pick in the NFL Draft, the Denver back again! Just kidding!”

Some fans immediately read Chubb’s sense of humor, while others had the look of panic on their face for mere seconds.

After waiting longer than initially expected, the Denver Broncos were on the clock. Surrounded by Bolles, and Yiadom, Chubb hyped the crowd as the Broncos pick was in.

Mark Humphrey / Associated Press

After Noah Fant (Iowa) was selected, players and fans rejoiced in their new tight end. Fans at the draft party seemed very excited as the Broncos drafted a position of dyer need. Fant is expected to stretch the field and be a vertical threat for the Broncos offense.

Some fans showed some hesitation with Fant, as there is the perception that he was the lesser of the two tight ends (TJ Hockensen - 8th overall - Jaguars) coming out of Iowa.

But, many fans were quick to point out that General Manager John Elway received an additional 2nd round pick (52nd overall) and 2020 3rd Round Pick.

After selecting Fant, the consensus with Broncos Country was that Elway now has leverage in the 2nd round. Having two 2nd Round picks gives the Broncos the resources to trade up if they feel moved to do so.