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Broncos Country is in full offseason mode

MHR Radio goes live on Twitch to discuss.

The MHR Radio is going live. Broncos Country is in full offseason mode. The Denver Broncos had their first offseason workouts. Noticeably absent? Chris Harris Jr. Ian St. Clair and I will be discussing his desire for a contract extension.

It also sounds like Von Miller is pretty excited to have Vic Fangio as his head coach. He had an interesting takeaway from the teams first meeting. Was that just a team leader trying not to say anything controversial, or did he mean what he said.

Fangio’s message to the team is all about putting the team first according to Mike Kliss. Doing the little things right, attention to detail, and getting back to winning trophies, that’s what this should all be about.

It should be a fun show. Get your questions ready.

MHR Radio is coming to We will have a lot more potential to do different things there and even bring on guests live. It’s a game changer for Mile High Report, so please join and give us a follow. We will definitely answer questions live in Twitch live chat.