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Rountable: If you were picking for the Broncos, what would you do at 10?

The Mile High Report gang chimes in with their thoughts about who they would pick for the Denver Broncos with the 10th overall pick.

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Would you take Devin White at 10?
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If you were picking for the Broncos today, what would you do at 10?

Kevin: My answer is to go BPA for positions of need. So they shouldn’t go and pick a RT just because he fell to 10 but rather should look for the best ILB, inside OL, TE or even possibly QB. If I could have anyone it’d be Quinnen Williams because a dominant DT along with our edge and solid secondary could be the second coming of the 2015 defense. If I’m being reasonable and pick someone who is possibly available, I’d pick Devin White who is freakish and would be a great piece in a Fangio scheme.

Luke: If one of the two Devin’s (White and Bush)are on the board at 10, you go ILB with White first. But TB loves White and are probably gonna take him. If Bush is there with them Hockenson it wouldn’t shock me if DEN went TE. If neither are available trade back and pick up a DB and OL.

Adam: Honestly, trade back. Not that Denver doesn’t have needs that could be filled at 10, but building draft capital for the next few years would be ideal. I would love to see Denver kind of sit this draft out. Obviously, there are players that could have an impact, but I could see the Broncos looking ahead to future drafts, and building up their draft coffers in the hopes of making a splash in 2020 or 2021.

Joe M: It all depends on what happens in picks 1-9. If there is a game changer still on the board at 10 who fits our scheme, get him. If not, trade back.

Scotty: If you’re in love with the QB, take the QB. If you’re not, take the best defensive player on your board or trade back.

Ian Henson: I don’t think that Devin White nor Drew Lock will be available when the Broncos pick at #10. If I were picking, I would draft cornerback Greedy Williams, but I think that Denver will draft a tight end, Noah Fant.

Christopher Hart: At this point in time, I’d try and make a modest trade back to acquire more capital in this draft, as well as future selections if possible. I don’t think any of the bluechip defenders (Williams, Oliver, White) will be there when DEN is on the clock, hence my desire to trade down. If Denver could acquire a few other early picks in this draft, they would be able to address a lot of their big needs and round out there roster.

Laurie: I’m glad I’m not John Elway because this year’s draft seems like a tough call at 10 if both a QB and a stud defender are still on the board. But given how important it is going to be at some point for the Broncos to bring in a franchise QB, I would pick Dwayne Haskins if he happens to be there. If not, I’d go BDA - best defender available, especially if it’s Ed Oliver.

Jeff: I’m with Laurie. I think this year is probably one of the most wide open drafts for Denver in terms of who they could get, and honestly who I would be happy with them getting. There isn’t one massive glaring need for 2019 that they have to fill, so they can think towards the future with this pick, which means they could go a myriad of different directions (including trade down) and I would be okay with it.

I think they have to have all their options open and explored, and just wait to see how it plays out on draft day.

Taylor: If White or Oliver is there at 10, I think you go that way. If they’re not and the QB Denver likes is there, then fine: roll the dice on him. If none of the above are true, then trade back. There’s no call to go and overdraft a TE at 10 when you could still get him or the next best TE on your board down near 20, while collecting 2020 draft capital at the same time.

Ian St. Clair: Stay true to the board, and as Jeff said, keep all options open. Look no further than last year when Bradley Chubb fell to No. 5. You never know what will happen in the NFL Draft and a great player who could fall.