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MHR Live: Thursday’s up-to-the-minute

Are the Denver Broncos days as Chris Harris’s employer numbered? The Broncos started practice already? Where has everyone been for the last three months, I feel like we’re just talking to a wall...

MHR Live is returning and this time it will broadcast on We will have a lot more potential to do different things there and even bring on guests live. It’s a game changer for Mile High Report, so please join and give us a follow. We will definitely answer questions live in Twitch live chat.

There are quotes in our inbox from a football team calling themselves the Broncos featuring a man named Von Miller and another called Courtland Sutton. Followed up with another email filled with quotes from Bradley Chubb and Andy Janovich.

Both made appearances yesterday for the media on Denver’s first day of offseason (voluntary) team activities, one of them anointed themselves a #1 wide receiver. (Hint: it was not Miller, Chubb, nor Janovich).

Also, in the spirit of voluntary, Chris Harris voluntarily has not shown up. Now, John Elway says that Harris’s camp and the Broncos can talk about Harris’s contract, ‘after the draft’... In the meantime Harris is running suicide drills at 5:00 AM sporting his finest Broncos gear and looking like he has a little extra pep in his step.

We will discuss all of the possibilities with Harris and his future with the team and the draftniks at Mile High Report have a lot of the opportunities for Denver in the first round if everyone is gone at #10.

As in Denver may be planning on drafting a cornerback and early enough to replace Harris who currently sits as the best slot cornerback in the NFL.