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Should the Broncos ease back into the QB dating pool

1st & 10 on Orange and Blue 760 tried out a new analogy to describe the Broncos QB situation

When the Denver Broncos drafted Paxton Lynch in the first round of the 2016 draft, no one knew it would be the draft that set them back as badly as it has. Phil Milani joined Ryan Edwards and Andrew Mason on 1st & 10 on Orange Blue 760, and they looked at the Broncos current QB situation.

The premise of the dating pool, and getting back out there is an interesting one. Paxton Lynch was supposed to be that forever guy. First round draft picks should have an immediate impact, and missing on one can be a huge setback. When Lynch didn’t work out, it made the Broncos gun shy about drafting a QB.

There were several issues in play with Lynch. Trevor Siemian played a huge part in that. He was the side chick that slid into that starting roll. He didn’t work out either, and Denver found themselves rebounding with Case Keenum. Not the best rebound. Now Joe Flacco is supposed to help get the Broncos over their QB woes.

Maybe the draft is a place that Denver can start trying to get back into the QB swing. As Milani said, unless the Broncos are in love with a QB, (think Drew Lock or Dwayne Haskins) they should avoid taking one with the 10th pick. Mase thinks Denver could grab a mid-round QB to help ease them back into things.

That’s a terrible idea (no offense Mase). The last thing Denver needs at this point is a project. When Denver finally takes another QB in the draft, he has to be the Broncos future. There can be no question one way or the other about it. He must be considered the QB of the future and treated as such.

At this point, a project just distracts from the needs of the team. If you aren’t picking a first round QB of future, there is no reason to take one in the mid to late rounds of the draft either.

Bonus Listen

Bradley Chubb took questions after the Broncos workout. Have a listen.