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Roundtable: Who don’t you want the Denver Broncos to draft?

I asked the MHR gang who they’d hate to don the orange and blue.

NCAA Football: Missouri Pro Day
Drew Lock is almost as polarizing as Jay Cutler.
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Are there any guys you’re vehemently opposed to in this draft?

Hart: Not particularly. For me, it’s all about value and length to impact with early round selections. Whomever the Denver Broncos select early on have to be players who can come in and contribute immediately. I don’t want them wasting draft capital on prospects who aren’t able to do that. If you’re a Top 100 pick in the NFL Draft, you should be seeing a good amount of snaps as a rookie.

Ian St. Clair: Hart said it very well, so all I’ll add is anyone who makes the Broncos mediocre.

Luke: Drew Lock. Used to be his biggest fan heading into Senior Bowl. However after the combine and his pro day his footwork seems to have stayed the same or regressed. Huge arm, just feel like passing scenarios need to be ideal for him to succeed.

Kevin: Drew Lock...dangit Luke! Then I’ll go with Kyler Murray. Super talented guy but in no way whatsoever would he fit the offensive scheme from the Shanny tree. Fun to dream about the next Patrick Mahomes but this team has too many needs to pick a guy who would need a new offense installed for him.

Scotty: Daniel Jones

Taylor: Scotty pointed him out already, but I’ll expound on it: Daniel Jones. I cannot for the life of me figure out how this dude was ever considered a 1st round prospect in the first place. I’ve yet to encounter any sort of comprehensive argument in favor of Jones that doesn’t lean heavily on him having Peyton’s QB coach... If that was going to be a major help to him, we would’ve seen it already. He won’t have that coach in the NFL, and when standing on his own merits alone I see, at best, a 3rd round guy when I look at Daniel Jones. There might be some decent floor there, but there’s nothing like legitimate 1st round QB ceiling.

Joe M: Greedy Williams. He doesn’t not fit what Fangio wants in a CB in the least.

Laurie: Kyler Murray. He’s an exciting athlete. I don’t think he has the mindset for pro football.


Which choice would upset you most?

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  • 22%
    Drew Lock
    (437 votes)
  • 50%
    Daniel Jones
    (984 votes)
  • 10%
    Greedy Williams
    (198 votes)
  • 16%
    Kyler Murray
    (321 votes)
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